Jayne Appel blogs: Tuesday, March 28

From Jayne Appel:

We started off again today with practice at 9. Today’s practice was so much better than yesterday. We had a lot more energy. We then had lunch across the street at Cox Arena, where they brought McDonald’s to us.
Media grabbed certain players at this time and asked questions. I talked with Mike Eubanks from the Stanford hoop board. We then scrimmaged the East team, and won! We played really tough. After we got back to the hotel we were starting to get ready for the banquet. That is until the power blew out in mine and Jacki’s room, as well as the room next to us. It created madness; we were all searching for plugs to do our hair. Also, the boys overloaded the elevator and got stuck in it for 30 minutes. We eventually all got ready and headed to the banquet. We practiced walking and then hid in the back until it was time for us to walk out. The banquet was so nice. We had dinner, guest speakers, and took lots of pictures. John Wooden spoke, and I liked his speech the best. We received our All American rings and watched a video on what we have done thus far. When we got back to the hotel we hung out in the players’ room.