Jayne Appel blogs: Wednesday, March 29

From Jayne Appel:

GAME DAY! Finally we got to play! We started off today getting our uniforms and heading off to shoot around after practice. We shot and then while the boys were shooting we got to take individual pictures with John Wooden. We headed back to the hotel for family time and lunch. My Coach Lexy was there, along with a lot of my family. I got ready for the game and headed to Cox arena. We won the game by five! Diamond played really well. I won the MVP award. Nancy Lieberman said hello during warm-ups. After the game we had media and answered a million questions! We then headed out to watch the boys play. At halftime of their game we went to take pictures with Nick Cannon. However, a few of us found the media hospitality room and ate Chipotle on the way. After the game we returned back to the hotel and hung out in the players lounge until 12:30. We all hung out on our floor until about 3 am. This was such a fun day.