Lacrosse hurting?

As the Duke University’s men’s lacrosse team scandal blows up to gigantic proportions, it would be interesting to see if the sport itself suffers a black eye. With everyone related to high school lacrosse calling it the fastest growing sport in America, its a wonder whether all the bad publicity resulting from this incident will have an affect on that growth. Especially here in the Bay Area, where lacrosse has been gaining steam.

Lacrosse already struggles to catch the interest of many in the U.S. outside of its loyal fan base. A criminal investigation into one of the top college lacrosse teams in the country certainly doesn’t help.

It isn’t often when lacrosse is mentioned in the pages of most mainstream newspapers, or even "Sportscenter," but now the biggest story in the sport involves criminal activity, a fraternity of players not wanting to speak and underlying race and class issues. A coach has resigned, a season has been canceled and charges still haven’t been brought involving the incident.

It’s alarming to read the reports. Hopefully the sport itself will remain unharmed.