NCS football playoffs

So, the North Coast Section Board of Managers voted to approve a plan to extend the playoffs for the NCS 2A and 3A football classes by one game earlier this week.
This marks the first time in a long, arduous process that the section has been able to enact a real change in its playoff system. For quite some time now, coaches and fans alike in the section have (rightfully) commented that the section’s playoffs are watered down and that those two divisions, which a split between East Bay and Redwood Empire contingents, don’t crown true champions.
The major hitch in dealing with those complaints has always been money. The NCS derives all of its income from playoff events, and football being the marquee high school sport, could little afford to cut playoff games. One proposal in the past called for re-combining the EB and RE playoffs in both divisions. That would result in a loss of 16 total playoff teams and fourteen playoff games overall. That’s a serious revenue hit.
Instead, the section now is adding two games, one per division. The East Bay regional champs in both 2A and 3A will take on the Redwood Empire regional champs in those divisions, and the section will crown “true” champions, which is all anybody really wanted to begin with.
All things considered, I’d say the NCS arrived at an elegant solution to what has been an unpleasant situation.
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  • George Manley

    This is a start, i’d like to see all the Northern Calif. league champs face off and then meet the Southern Calif. Champ. and decide a State champ.

  • Johnny Bravo

    Who cares who gets into to the playoff? By the end the last one standing is the best. So those who say its watered down, it really doesn’t matter cuz the best team will win in the end.