Swim Lesson

I arrived to work on Tuesday morning after the Labor Day weekend, and was surprised to see the amount out E-mails from complete strangers waiting in my inbox.

When I decided to learn how to swim this summer and document it in the newspaper, I figured it would pass as an interesting inside look at someone who wanted to learn a new skill others took for granted. Never did it cross my mind it would garner such a response.

People wrote me to say they enjoyed and related to my story because they too couldn’t swim. Others commented on how brave I was for opening up and putting my embarassment on display for others to see. A few said I inspired them to learn to swim. Another reader asked if I could start a learn-to-swim program to teach under privileged children. I received notes from colleagues and phone calls from friends all giving me props.

I must say, it’s the best I’ve felt in my short career as a journalist. Many journalists say they want to "make a difference," in no way am I suggesting I did, but for the first time I wrote something with bit of an impact — even if the basis was learning how to swim as a 26 year old.