More on the Sias

Carondelet freshman Nicole Hood, who won the girls side at the Ed Sias Invitational cross-country meet on Saturday, seemed to come out of nowhere. I saw her break into the lead in the first few steps of the two-mile race, then widen her lead to 10 seconds within one-half mile. As I was waiting for her to appear before Finale Hil, a steep, if short, incline in the final quarter mile, Iasked a Cougar junior varsity runner who their front-runner was. She looked at me and, "That would be Nicole Hood." The name rang a bell, but only lightly. Hood won by 18 seconds. Obviously, a runner of her caliber does not come out of nowhere. Running for the Pleasanton Heat last winter, she placed second in the Junior Olympics 4-kilometer race, held Dec. 10 in Rhode Island. Led by Hood, the top five Carondelet finishers were in the top 14 and all are either freshmen or sophomores. We’re going to be reading about this team a long time…