Welcome to Ohio, er…. Kentucky

What’s going on, everybody. I writing to you from the Boone County public library in Union, Kentucky. Or is it Florence, Ky.?  I’m not sure and you probably don’t care. Anyway, I arrived in this neck of the woods late last night here to cover the De La Salle High School football team’s game against Elder-Cincinnati on Saturday night. And I’ve had some interesting experiences already. Or maybe I haven’t. It depends on your perspective.

It started when I tried to rent a car. I had booked a car online two months ago through a company that shall remain nameless. Let’s just say it rhymes with flirtz. Anyway, since I used a debit card to book the car, I needed to provide a second ID when I got to the counter. Fine. Then they needed my social security number. Fine. Or at least i thought. For some reason my SSC didn’t ‘go through’ and since I didn’t have another credit card, I couldn’t rent the car. "Sorry," was the the woman behind the counter said in a slightly southern-drawl. I was in Kentucky for less than 25 minutes and I already couldn’t stand the place.

But I was able to rent another car from another company, "Mavis," if you will. And I was on my way.

I had a decision to make. Just go back to my humble accommodations in lovely Florence or drive 25 miles to what I thought was a press conference at Dave and Busters in northern Cincinnati. Being the dedicated reporter that I am, I drove the 25 miles. I knew I was late, but I thought maybe I could get in there for the tail end of the presser. And if there’s free food, all the better.

But it wasn’t a press conference. It was just a bunch of football players and coaches playing video games and pool. Needless to say I looked out of place. After five minutes of feeling awkward, I jetted and drove back to my motel in Florence, Ky.

My accomodations aren’t exactly high-fallootin’ (Sp?). It’s not the Taj. I quickly realized this when I drove up to my room and three shirtless fellows were outside drinking another room drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. I avoided eye contact and opened the door to my room. The financial sacrifices I make for the newspaper are endless, I thought to myself.

By this time it was already 9:30 p.m. I drove out to get some fast food and later stopped at a convinence store to get a cold beverage. Inside, one woman’s shift was ending and another’s was just beginning. I stood at the counter for a good 90 seconds before either one acknowledged my presence. "Don’t work too hard," the one said to the other as she left for the night. "Don’t worry, she’s not," I said under my breath.

So got back to the motel, ate and watched TV. I went to bed around 12:30 a.m., but I could fall asleep until about 2:30. I attribute this to the time change. Or the loud, unimportant conversation being held by the three shirtless dudes outside my door.

That leads us to this morning. I’m going to grab some breakfast, head to Elder High School in Cincinnati for some interviews and then to De La Salle’s practice a few miles away. After which, I’ll hopefully have a story to write. And by tomorrow morning, maybe another story to tell. Peace.

Curtis "Jim Bob" Pashelka




  • tim

    do not be putting KY down because the lady was doing her job. You r the one who dosen’t carry a credit card its not her fault.