Friday Forecast, cont.

So, last year I contributed to the Friday Forecast and proved that I knew much less than my counterparts. So, this year I have returned to reclaim my honor, dignity, and pride (three things I’m not too sure I’ve ever really had). Here goes nothing:

(6) Clayton Valley over Ygnacio Valley: YV is probably feeling pretty good with the new field and a little momentum after a good year last year. But, CV has done well in the early season with a small squad and I think they have the firepower to get it done again. If this game was later in the year, I might re-think this pick but for now, the Eagles are still relatively fresh.

(5) Las Lomas over Alhambra: I’d just like to say that it may take Knights’ assistant coach Greg Biekert strapping on some pads to stop Brandon Rutley. With that out of the way, Rutley is one guy and LL has many guys on offense who can move the ball. If this is a shootout, I like Jordan Kerl as the gunslinger standing at the end.

(4) Deer Valley over Antioch: I’ve seen four games in person so far this year and the fastest player I’ve seen is Taiwan Jones, and it’s not close. My hat goes off to Coach Beede for getting some momentum flowing at Antioch, but Jones in the backfield and Josh Pica at wideout make for a nice one-two knockout punch. Plus, it’s in Wolverine country.

(3) Amador Valley over Hayward: I guess the big question here is whether or not Amador thinks they really do own the HAAL. Hayward has to go to Pleasanton for this one, and I’m guessing that Guillory is going to have a good night. It’s really a toss-up.

(2) Salesian over Sacred Heart Cathedral: Salesian eeked this one out last year in an absolute thriller and if you’ve got the time, get yourself to Kezar Stadium on Saturday afternoon because this game will not disappoint. But, those trying to predict that the Fighting Irish will pull the upset need to remember one thing: Jahvid Best didn’t play last year and Salesian still won. Best goes nuts, Salesian wins again.

(1) Foothill over Monte Vista: This is going to be one of the top-five games of the year and I have no idea who’s going to win. Why am I picking Foothill? Because I can. That’s why.

So, in short, this is the week to be a high school football fan. Check back with us here on our website throughout the night on Friday and we’ll have scores for you as soon as they happen.