Believe it or not we’re already at Week five. And speaking of things difficult to believe, Ben is actually in second place after our first week of weighting games and taking points. We all took our lumps last week, but yours truly came out on top with 12 points, Ben finished with 8 and Curtis managed just 6.

This week’s games aren’t going to be any easier. In fact, I might just go out on a limb and say this might be the toughest six-game Forecast slate in the young history of this feature.

We don’t have a ton of time, so let’s get started. As a reminder, we weight our prediction from 6-1 with No. 6 being our most confident.

(6) San Ramon Valley (4-0) over Irvington (3-1): The Vikings may be the class of the MVAL this season, but the Wolves have just a little too much firepower. I look for something similar to the beating Amador Valley put on Irvington in Week 3. Score: 35-16.

(5) Pittsburg (3-1) over Clayton Valley (3-1): OK, the Pirates had what looks to become their annual scare against Liberty, and can now return to business against the Eagles. Clayton Valley was somewhat sideswiped by the double-wing, double-tight offensive machine of Ygnacio Valley last week. I expect a better effort from the Eagles, but not one that’s going to match the Pirates. Score: 28-10.

(4) Alhambra (4-0) over College Park (3-1): Forget Brandon Rutley (and it’s hard to do), but the Bulldogs won last week’s showdown against Las Lomas with defense. The Falcons deserve a lot of credit for their 3-1 start, but this could be a tough one for them. All the same, this one is going to be close. I think Alhambra’s defense gives them the edge. Score: 24-22.

(3) Monte Vista (3-1) over California (3-1): Losing to Foothill will have the Mustangs fired up for this one. As good as Cal has looked over the past two weeks, I have to think Monte Vista is just a little more prepared for this one. We shall see. Score: 33-27.

(2) De La Salle (4-0) over Mission Viejo (3-1): Gotta go with the Nation’s No. 1 team in this one. Plus, the Spartans always rise in big games. Score: 38-24

(1) Berkeley (1-3) over Pinole Valley (4-0): That’s right, I’m pickin’ the Yellow Jackets to take a trip to Upset City. Berkeley played a very tough preseason schedule that made them look a little worse than they are, I think. They are the only ACCAL program that plays anything resembling defense, so that could cause trouble for the high-scoring Spartans. Score: 27-21.

Let us know what you think. And don’t forget to come back to the blog Saturday night where I’ll be blogging live updates during the DLS-Mission Viejo game.