Friday Forecast

Just when you thought we weren’t forecasting this week, we shock you with late picks. Here’s my quick analysis of this week:

(6) Pittsburg over Clayton Valley: CV had trouble with Ygnacio Valley last week, so something tells me Pitt will be ok.

(5) Alhambra over College Prep: Try and stop Brandon Rutley. I dare you.

(4) San Ramon Valley over Irvington: This is a tough game but Corbin Louks just might find a way to pull this one out.

(3) Pinole Valley over Berkeley: PV has way too many weapons right now. I’m looking forward to this one though.

(2) Monte Vista over California: The Mustangs bounce back from last week’s loss with a good win over a solid Cal team.

(1) DLS over Mission Viejo: DLS doesn’t necessarily need to prove to the world that they’re good, but national TV? I bet they will.

See you all at the games!