Forecasting the Pigskin

So, word on the street is that I’m in the lead in our world of prognostication. Please join me in laughing out loud, and then read along as I fearlessly pick every game this week.

(6) John Swett over St. Mary’s: I wrote in today’s West County Times that St. Mary’s has two quarterbacks and they are both capable of running the offense. Well, the Indians have one (Thomas Arguello) and of his three completions last week, all three were touchdowns. Add the region’s leading scorer in Santario Carson, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

(5) Concord over Acalanes: Billy Burmeister is racking up yardage at will, and the Minutemen have been solid this season. So I’ll pick them over an up-and-down bunch from Lafayette.

(4) Pittsburg over Ygnacio Valley: The Pirates will be steaming mad after last week’s turnover-fest in Antioch. I think John Harrell will have a big game, Kraig Pifer plays well, and the running Warriors will have a tough time against the Pirates D.

(3) College Park over Las Lomas: Well, CP shocked all those who pretend they can pick these games when they took out Alhambra, so why not here as well? Las Lomas needs to find an offensive identity before I can jump back on their bandwagon.

(2) Hayward over Mt. Eden: I have to be perfectly honest with all of you, our loyal readers. I have not seen either of these teams and I have no idea who is going to win this game. I do know that the Farmers are always solid and I know that Mt. Eden is trying to fit into the Cinderella slippers. I say Cinderella’s pumpkin gets crushed before Halloween and the Farmers take control of the HAAL.

(1) San Ramon Valley over Amador Valley: Here are two teams I have heard lots about. And I still can’t claim to know that much about them. Why am I picking SRV then? Because I think Corbin Louks will have a good game, and because I can. That’s why.

Well, after making these picks, I am confident that I will be trailing after this week. So, here’s hoping. I’ll see you all tonight!