Realignment Redux

As NCS commissioner Tom Ehrhorn walked from the Monte Vista High School theatre building following the Valley Conference league realignment meeting on Wednesday, he sighed and made a statement of relief.

"At least this means I’ll stop waking up in the middle of the night shouting, ‘competitive equity’ or ‘geographical proximity,’" Ehrhorn said, making light of the two phrases that most often arise when discussing criteria for new league alignments.   

The commissioner’s tone was joking, but his relief seemed genuine.

Ehrhorn chaired the 2-plus hour meeting in which representatives of 28 schools voted on what proposals they would recommend for league realignment beginning in 2008-09.

The outcome — which I’m sure has already been shouted from the rooftops of schools throughout the BVAL, DFAL and EBAL — was the recommendation of just one proposal to the NCS Realignment and Classification committee. The biggest news was of course De La Salle’s and Carondelet’s potential move from the BVAL to the EBAL.

We’re more than aware of the EBAL’s apprehension to such a move, but as sports writers we can’t wait for such a league to exist.

Putting football aside (since DLS will almost surely retain its independent status) we are positively giddy at the potential competition and various matchups this league would provide in sports such as boys and girls basketball, baseball and softball. But it’s not just the premier sports, this is also going to boost interest in minor sports like volleyball, golf, tennis and water polo.

It won’t just be fun for us, it will be fun for fans as well.