The Forecast calls for pain!

So how did that happen, exactly. Chace, Ben and I each went 6-for-6 last week with our Forecast picks, so either we’re getting really good at this, or we spent too much of the company’s time thinking about who was going to win that Titanic struggle between John Swett and St. Mary’s. Either way, it’s time to get down to business. With three weeks to go, I’m running out of time if I want to make up ground on Ben and Chace.

(6) McClymonds over Skyline: Both teams got off to disappointing starts, but are getting back to doing what they do best — pounding the bejeezus out of other OAL teams. I like Mack in this game, but only if it wears orange from head to toe to get in the Hallowe’en spirit.

(5) James Logan over Irvington: Neither team really gets much respect from the folks (including the sportswriters) along the 680 corridor. But the Colts can make a pretty big statement if it can win this game and potentially take up, er, I mean, earn a spot in the 4A playoffs.

(4) Pinole Valley over El Cerrito: Such a trap game I can’t believe I’m putting four points on it. Ben is scheduled to cover this game and he may need to bring an extra pen and pencil to keep track of all the scoring plays. In the end, the Spartans score one TD more. Final – 56-49.

(3) Pittsburg over Freedom: Tough to go against superhero QB Diondre Borel, but Pittsburg’s defense showed last week that it can pressure the passer and contain a good running game. As long as it avoids giving up the big play, the Pirates will roll and keep their playoff hopes alive.

(2) Concord over Alhambra: You have to respect the way Josh Atkinson has taken the reins from Brandon Rutley the last couple weeks in helping the Bulldogs get past Campo and Mt. D. Rutley said he’d be back for this game, but how healthy will he be? I think they need him to be 100 percent to beat Concord, who may have to win this one if it wants to talk about playoffs.

(1) College Park over Miramonte: An old friend of mine, Kurt Kloeblen, played for College Park in 1993. He was the center (the glue, really). He once called it the most fun he’s ever had in his life, as the Falcons rolled to a 9-0 regular season record in winning the MBAL title that year. I guarantee, this year’s College Park team is going to be saying the same thing in a few weeks when the DFAL title is theirs.


  • Marc

    Great predictions, however, due dilligence is an important factor. In regards to your prediction for CP vs. Miramonte, Kurt Kloeblen did not play center. In fact he really didn’t play that year. Please check your sources/recollections.

  • steve

    ’93 was a lot of fun and Kurt Kloeblen was a great guy. However, he was not the center on that team, nor was he the “glue”. He was a 2nd string tackle that played litte due to the experienced offensive line we had at that time. That line got little recognition at that time, something that, unfortunately, is continuing today.

  • danny

    As Steve noted, the 93 CP Falcons line did not get the recognition it deserved. center Krull was named All County and 1st team all league at 155 pounds, guard Smith, tackle Clawson and tight end Rodriguez were 1st team all leaguers. The other lineman, Chappell and Williams both played division 1 college ball. These five men anchored a backfield which had three 1000 yard rushers (Glover, Torrez and Hack).

    The 93 year was an amazing year and everybody on that team played a huge part in its’ success.

    We are all pulling for the 06 team to make us proud and continue the tradition.

  • Dustin

    Stevo and big “D” could not be more right. Its time to give credit where credit is due, or in this case long over due. The backs had all the glory, but our line had all the guts. They were the foundation, our rock, that helped solidify the greatest season in Falcon football history. Although we will never forget the overwhelming feeling of family and pride, we will always be reminded of it by the success of the teams that precede us…this just in, CP 14 – Miramonte 7…see you in the playoffs!

  • Kurt

    Wow, thanks for throwing the bone Curtis. You are always my homeboy. But I wasn’t the center that year. I was, in fact, a lowly backup as the other guys were quick to mention – don’t want to bruise any feelings. One claim to fame during the 93 season, we did rush for what was then a school record in rushing (something like 625 yards or something crazy like that) against Clayton Valley that year with two backup juniors on the left side, one being the most handsome man ever to come out of CP and the other being Mason Foster.
    However, I was the starting center on the 1-8 94 team, the 3-7 95 DVC team and the fantastic 0-10 96 DVC team. That’s right, be jealous, be very jelous of the 4-25 record over three years.
    Apparently College Park goes for the once a decade theory, which works great. I remember in 93 when we had all the players form the 76 team (which had been the last time CP had won a league championship) came around games and tried to give us pep talks. Good times.
    And how long has Kepler been coaching? It’s craziness. And still running the veer after all these years.
    Curtis, how about a game between a Contra Costa team and someone from KC, just for our own benefit? Let’s make this happen.

  • Mason

    God I love sarcasm. If it weren’t for sarcasm, we wouldn’t have people who don’t get sarcasm that amuse those of us who do…you sure you guys don’t want to post the number of falcon stickers you had on your helmets too?

  • Azzapardi

    I think Kurt’s response was great. He had a goog time playing with the Seniors and while he wasn’t very good, we had fun. As for Mr. Mason Foster…..he needs some anger management. He got pushed around because he couldn’t play footballl, decided to form white rap group that can’t rap, and then chose to play rugby. If anyone is talking about sarcasm, hopefully he and his husband can take it…..anyways, the answer is 25 stickers and if you don’t believe me….i put them on my car! CP!