Forecasting a storm

So, admittedly, my head has been focused on tennis this week and nowhere
near the gridiron. And I won’t even be covering a game tonight as I will
be focused on tennis throughout the day. That doesn’t mean I can’t put
together some picks though and I’ve got to defend my lead with some sage
wisdom. (Side note: Whoever tried to go to the Waffle Shop in Pinole last
week at my urging found that it was closed – sorry bout that).

(6) Pitt over San Leandro: Pirates baby. Doesn’t matter which Pirates.

(5) Granada over Livermore: I have no idea. Granada wins.

(4) McClymonds over Castlemont – I like the Knights, but I watched them in
their only loss to Deer Valley. Honestly, they haven’t played anyone of
note other than the Wolverines and that game wasn’t close. Mac is the
class of this league and Willie Griffin will combine with Andre Island to
remind Castlemont of that. Warriors win big and then head to Everett and
Jones BBQ for a postgame snack.

(3) Piedmont over St. Patrick-St. Vincent – I picked the Highlanders to win
the BSAL before the year and then they went out and stunk it up in
nonleague competition. Last week they torched a John Swett team that had
been dominant until then. Will Conn will have a good game. (*** After the
game, head to Fentons Creamery on Piedmont Avenue and try the Banana Split
– if you can finish it, pat yourself on the back ***)

(2) Deer Valley over Freedom – Taiwan runs wild and Borel can’t keep up.

(1) San Ramon Valley over Foothill – This is the tough one this week. Do I go
with Corbin Louks and the Wolves or the Foothill D? I’ve professed to be
clueless about the EBAL all year and it continues tonight. Wolves in a