Can you be Perfect?

Everyone knew the Foothill High School girls volleyball team would be good this season. Now, 36-0 good? Yeah right. That’s straight up ridiculous.

Let it roll off your tongue: Ther-tee-six and ohhhhhh.

With setter Christy Payne and middle blockers Felicia Willoughby and Betsy Sedlak leading the way, Foothill seems destined for a CIF state championship appearance.

You can’t stop the middle. Willoughby and Sedlak aren’t a one-two punch combination, there’s no jab and a left hook here. They are two knockout punches. You can dodge one but the other is coming and you can’t get out of the way fast enough.

Payne makes sure one of them hurts you and if they don’t, she’ll do it herself with a quick dump or even a nice swing, throwing off defenses.
The team played in the ultra-competitive East Bay Athletic League and dominated. Only one team took them to five-games this season and that was San Ramon Valley, who the Falcons beat in three the first time they met.

Right now, Foothill is on a collision course with No. 2 Nevada Union-Grass Valley. The Miners put a beat down on the Falcons last season in the second round of the state playoffs with a 25-11, 25-21, 25-14 win.

Do you think the Falcons remember that? Do you think they haven’t hoped for a rematch since the brackets were released? Yeszir!

Of course, first thing’s first. Foothill needs to get by Homestead-Cupertino on Saturday, but we’re not counting on a letdown. Again, this team seems destined.