You better recognize!

So the NCS 2A and 3A East Bay finals are not championship games per se. They’re regional recognition games. As in, "We recognize that you’ve won three playoff games against teams that are kinda in your neck of the woods. Good job. Here’s a banner. Now come back next week and get the big prize."

Okay, so there will probably be a little more pomp and circumstance than that.

(6) Miramonte over El Cerrito: Yes, I know I picked El Cerrito to win 2A East Bay before the playoffs began. But I gotta pick some upsets if I want to win this forecast thing.

(4) St. Patrick-St. Vincent over Salesian: Salesian has one running back. St. Patrick has two, and a quarterback whose pretty quick as well. It’ll be close, but the Bruins complete the Cinderella-like run in Class A.

(2) Alhambra over Hayward: This would be a massive upset if it happens. But why not the Bulldogs? Why not now? Santa Rosa, here comes Alhambra.