• ccw

    Canyon dominated DLS. Even with all of the Longshore interceptions, DLS was unable to move the ball in the second half with anything but a trick play…

    It was nice to see the comments about how DLS was going to hand it to Canyon but Canyon just rolled over DLS – even with a couple of their key position players hurt.

  • StonePony

    Ok, CCW, where did YOUR HS finish this year. Stop hating on DLS and go to your day labor job.

  • dls_grad

    I was pretty disappointed by DLS’s performance. With all the hype and anticipation DLS did not perform. Just like when I was attending DLS (I am a 2003 graduate), the football team rides the legacy wagon and ASSUMES they are going to win. All in all, Canyon-Canyon prepared better and were able to execute big plays through out the game.

    Lets see how DLS rebounds from this game! Next year will show the true colors of Spartan football. And by the way StonePony, that isn’t cool to hate on someone because your football team got CRUSSSSHED!