DLS more popular than the Sharks

We just received FSN Bay Area’s television ratings numbers from Saturday. The live broadcast of the Sharks hockey game had a 1.02 rating, and the tape delayed showing of the De La Salle-Canyon game had a 1.05. Each rating point equals 23,835 Bay Area TV households.

What does this mean? Well, it means more people were interested in watching a football game that they probably already knew that outcome of, than a hockey game that wasn’t decided until the third period. It just goes to show how much interest there was in high school football that day, and what a lack of interest there was in Sharks hockey outside of the 17,496 fans that went to the Tank Saturday night.

FSN Bay Area was contractually obligated to put the Sharks on the main channel at 7:30. That meant the De La Salle game was going to be live only on the subscriber-based plus channel. But what do you think? Would you have rather seen the football game live on FSNBA?  And how did you watch the game if you didn’t receive FSNBA plus at home?

By the way, thanks to everyone who visited our blog Saturday night to get updates on the game. It proved to be a big hit.