4Q, 6:33

The Canyon band just lauched into the theme from "Rocky", and the crowd is beginning to believe the Cowboys have a shot. The Spartans defense appears gassed. Amack stands with his hands on his hips after each play. The clock continues to work against the Spartans as Canyon keeps trying to move the sticks.


END of 3Q

Hendershott’s big game continues, this time with an interception on a ball that appeared to be thrown right to him. He returned it 27 yards inside the Canyon 35. Two plays later, Hendershott has the ball again — this time on a catch that puts DLS at the 15. After another Hendershott catch moves DLS to the 6-yard line, the Spartans fail to pick up the first down on 3rd-and-1 and 4th-and-1. A big opportunity missed, to say the least.

And DLS will have to chew on that as the quarter ends and the momentum seems to have shifted again.


3Q 10:03


More trickery, and De La Salle immediately capitalizes on the turnovers with a 59-yard touchdown pass from Maupin to Hendershott on a halfback option pass. There was nobody within 20 yards of Hendershott, who now has 105 yards receiving. Another missed extra point and Canyon’s lead is now 20-13.


3Q, 7:30

It’s no secret that Harry Welch is fourth-down gambler, but with a 4th-and-1 from his own 29-yard line, he has his team take the ultimate gamble, and Longshore picks up the first down. That decision just might have blown 49ers coach Mike Nolan’s mind. Meanwhile, Canyon’s drive continues.