Wrestling brackets up

Alright, no posts in a while so let’s recap what’s happened lately.
1. League tourneys were Saturday and there was no shortage of impressive talent on display. I stopped by the DFAL meet before heading on up the freeway to the BVAL meet and I caught a lot of good action. College Park coach Jim Keck is not wrong. This is an absolute banner year in terms of East Bay talent this year and it deserves to be spotlighted from here on out.
2. Times correspondent Steve Dulas checked in with an interesting tidbit from the DFAL meet. He says watch out for the class of 2017, when the sons of Keck, Northgate coach Carlos Sumulong, and local wrestling legend Casey Strand will all be seniors in high school. Strand, in particular, seems to be raising quite the collection of little wrestlers.
3. Let’s not forget the EBAL tournament, where Tom Wipfli made a little history.
4. My colleagues Tony Gonsalez and Steve R. Waterhouse also took in some action at the HAAL and MVAL meets, so check out their breakdowns of what happened a little further south. Together, these recaps should get you caught up heading into this weekend.

Alright, on to this week. Curtis Pashelka and myself will head to Newark for the NCS tournament on Friday and Saturday and we’ll stay with you up through the state tournament the following weekend. The NCS brackets are now up on their website so check out the seeds and the matchups and figure out for yourselves who will be worth watching. Watch the 135-pound weight class. Trust me.
Check this blog frequently over the next two weeks, as Curtis and I will try to keep you abreast of what’s happening. And check out this Friday’s paper, as I’ll give you a sneak peek of what you can expect from this weekend’s action. If you think you can predict the winners, shoot me an email (benos@cctimes.com) and I’ll put up some of your predictions here on the blog.