NCS recap and look ahead

Alright, I’ll admit that I didn’t update the blog as much as I would have liked to this weekend from the NCS wrestling championships at Newark Memorial. I have good news to go with that though. I’m fairly sure I’ll have wireless access on my laptop at this weekend’s state meet, meaning I will try to give updates as frequently as I can. 33 Times-area wrestlers are headed south, meaning I’ll be on my toes all weekend.

Alright, here’s a recap of what I was struck with this weekend at Newark Memorial.
1. A BIG congratulations to College Park’s Matt Zonfrello. If you ask him and you ask CP coach Jim Keck, it’s been a long road back for Zonfrello after hurting his shoulder last summer. Saturday, he made it all the way back and he should do quite well at the state meet.
2. How about the Picas? In the semifinals it was Nick cheering Tito to a tough win over Granada’s Peter Pelle and then in the finals it was Tito cheering Nick on to a 4-3 win over Alhambra’s Michael Little. In the words of Robert Plant, that’s a whole lotta love.
3. East Contra Costa County did quite well, with Freedom’s David Prado and Liberty’s David Klingsheim and Paul Gomez winning titles. There’s a lot of talent in that area and it’s only going to get better.

Alright, now the focus shifts to the state meet. We’ve got quite a week planned for local coverage leading up to the meet so stay on top of your newspapers. I’m not going to do predictions this time, mostly because I have no idea how good the SoCal guys are (I’m guessing they’re mighty good). But, I did pick 11 of the 14 matches at NCS, so I guess I’m doing something right. We’ll run a full list of area wrestlers competing at state on Friday, so check that out.