Bakersfield Ahoy!

So, Curtis Pashelka and I rolled into Bakersfield this afternoon in preparation for tomorrow’s state wrestling festivities. Those wrestlers and their families who traveled down from the Bay Area probably cruised through the town of Wasco on Highway 46, right outside of Bakersfield. Wasco is home to the Wasco State Prison, and has a population of around 23,000. Now, you drive through Wasco and on your left is the prison. Right across the street is the Wasco Championship Golf Course. If you’re as skilled at golf as I am, the chance of having your ball land in the “yard” at the prison is probably pretty high. Here’s my suggestion for course rules: Ball lands in yard – one stroke penalty. Ball strikes inmate in yard — lift, clean and play. Augusta National’s got nothing on that kind of pressure. Instead of a green jacket, winners get an extra helping of meatloaf from Bubba the Cook.

So, wrestling begins tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the Rabobank Arena. When we checked into our hotel today, we stood in line behind two wrestlers from the Los Angeles area. What was one of them carrying? A digital scale. Gotta love it… The hotel also has a workout room. Who wants to bet me that around 7 a.m. tomorrow there will be a host of youngsters sweating off some pounds?

Now, there are no plans for either myself or Curtis to “weigh in” for duty tomorrow. Thank goodness. I’m taking the wireless laptop and I’ll try to update as often as possible. Any surprises or upsets regarding Contra Costa wrestlers and you’ll see it here first. I wish Michael Buffer was here… Let’s get it on!
-Ben Enos