St. Pats came to play

Some said Marlborough would just come out and blitz the Bruins, but it’s St. Pats who has been the aggressor jumping out to a 22-13 lead after the first quarter behind Cowling, who’s driving strong to the rack with disregard to her body. I mean she’s taking some Dwyane Wade type falls, but just like the commercial, she bounces back up.

Mustangs’ center Talia Caldwell could be a problem for St. Pats. She scored the first bucket of the game on a nice post up move and has been a nuanance on the boards early. Nikki Speed has been inconsistent with her jump shot and has one step-back jumper for three points.

Cowling line after the FIRST quarter: 12 points 3 rebounds, an assist and a steal.