St. Pats Falls

The St. Patrick-St. Vincent girls basketball team took losing the Division IV state championship game with a lot of class.
There were no tears during the press conference. They undertsood and accepted what had just happened.
“I think their greatness showed in the first half,” St. Pats coach Rodney Faucett said about his team. “In the second half, we failed to make some shots, failed to do some stuff that got us to this level.”
After a first half in which the Bruins looked unbeatable, St. Pats came out flat and out of sync offensively in the third and fourth quarters, hitting only 5 of 33 shots in the second half, settling for the 3-point shot and missing some easy lay-ups.
Meanwhile, Nikki Speed scored 20 points after halftime and now it was the Mustangs who were on fire.
The loss hurt more for Erika Ruiz, who played her final high school game. But Cowling will return for her senior year with freshman Ashley Moore as her side kick.
With those two in place Faucett was able to look directly at the media and say: “We will be back.”