Band of Brothers

During a post game interview on April 17, Deer Valley High volleyball player Erik Aku continually teased Liberty’s Shane Jones. The Lions’ outside hitter managed to keep a straight face as he spoke about the special season Liberty is experiencing.
But the more Jones spoke, the more Aku kept popping up, playfully trying to be a distraction.
Apparently it was O.K., since Aku and Jones have been friends since the third grade.
“That’s my buddy,” Jones said. “And he plays in my band.”
Say what?!
Jones is the lead vocalist and guitar player for “Dice in the Icebox” which plays music Jones describes as a “pop-punk sound with horns.” Jones’ funky curly-top hairstyle suits him well. It’s the exact same hairdo Aku sports while manning the bass for the group.
“It’s so much fun,” said Aku, who joined the year-old band in January. The band recently played a gig at Slim’s in San Francisco.
Last year, Las Lomas’ Joel Davidson said he played drums for a band called the The Currents.
What’s up with volleyball guys in rock bands?
I guess the chicks must dig it.
Get it? “Dig it.”