Poker anyone?

Do not play poker with De La Salle golf coach Leo Lopoz.
Lopoz has said all season that his team wasn’t very good, and that all the Spartans wanted to do was advance to the next round.
And he has said this all year with a straight face.
If the Spartans aren’t a good team, I don’t know who is.
De La Salle fired its best 18-hole round of the season with a five-golfer score of 6-over-par 366 to win the NCS South Qualifier on May 7.
Andrew Haggen and J.P. Gross led the Spartans with 1-under-par 71s, and the rest of the Spartans shot a 78 or lower to best second-place Foothill by five strokes.
I wonder what he and the rest of the Spartans have in store for Monday’s NCS Tournament of Champions.
In Lopoz’s defense, De La Salle did graduate three of its top five golfers and lost a fourth to the David Leadbetter Academy. Brian O’Regan is the lone Spartan that returned from last year’s state title team. De La Salle beat Cathedral Catholic-San Diego by one-stroke to secure its first title.
If Lopoz is this good at believing the Spartans aren’t very good, then imagine what he is like with green felt, some cards and plastic chips in front of him.
I know one thing, I’m not playing poker with him.


  • Louis Zahorak

    Actually your information is wrong. I played last year on the team as the “7-man” for most of the year only seeing play when there needed to be a spot filled in. We actually have 4 returning players; Eric Dejesus (who is just as good as Brian O’regan), Andrew Haggin, J.P. Gross, and of course like said before Brian O’regan. The thing that makes our team different is that our J.V. team is just as talented as our Varsity. If we were to play our J.V. team against almost any high school in the bay area i would guarentee that we would win. Our J.V. team has taken wins in Varsity tournaments every year for the last 3 years.
    I am very proud to say i was a part of the State Championship team, i earned my spot on that team and this team this year has just as much talent and drive to go all the way to state again. You can quote me on that. Our roster of Jr’s are just as good as any other list of seniors. They have experienced the pressure of going to state before and they will be able to live up to the test and challenges and make it all the way there again. Thanks
    Louis Zahorak