Fun in the sun (a volleyball dream)

It’s May. And though the first round of the North Coast Section boys volleyball playoffs took place on a cold and overcast evening, a thought came to mind: wouldn’t it be great to take this game outdoors?
High school volleyball typically takes place during months when folks want to be outside. Boys volleyball is inhibited, some argue, by the fact that it takes place indoors in spring when people want to move into the sun and fresh air after a winter of sitting in crowded gyms for basketball games.
One practical advantage of a move outdoors comes to mind: from a journalistic viewpoint, my photographic colleagues won’t have to put up with the guff they occasionally take for using a flash during the course of a match (an aside: those who complain about flash photography during indoor or night sports are unable to see the greater good – – publishing photographs actually benefits the sport being covered. But I digress).
In reality, our high school sports plates are beyond full. Still, imagine high school beach volleyball. No beach at your school, you say? Well, just import some sand. Fun in the sand and sun.
It’s a nice dream, anyway!


  • backrow

    Still trying to fix “Northern California” boys volleyball? If you go 20 minutes out of Berkeley, you’ll find that in most of Northern California, volleyball is great and growing. It’s only in your “West of the Caldicott” that it’s somewhat needy.

  • backrow

    Re: your “sad state of NorCal Vbl” posts. Here goes a link to put in your pipe…

    From the ’07 NCAA Mens Vbl Championship Team and the Tournament’s “Most Valuable Player” ……. Oh YES, He’s from the BVAL high school league about 35 mins from the Caldicott.