Independence Falls

As some of you already know (since you’re all devout followers of our message board), Independence, N.C. lost this weekend to Elder of Cincinnati at the Kirk Herbstreit Challenge (for what it’s worth, I think I should have a Challenge named after me).

I can see De La Salle fans rejoicing at this news. So, I guess my question is with Independence’s 109-winning streak over, is this the unbreakable record now? The new standard-bearer is South Panola, Miss. with a 61-game win streak. That’s an awful lot of ground to make up to catch the Spartans’ 151-game streak..

It’s not like Independence got wiped out. They had a sophomore at quarterback and he threw an interception in overtime to end the Patriots’ chance. That same quarterback, Anthony Carruthers, connected on 25 of 37 passes for 346 yards. I guess my comment is why the heck is a sophomore tossing 37 passes against a team the caliber of Elder? Let’s not pin this thing on that kid. Sounds to me like he did a stand-up job. De La Salle beat Elder last year by running the veer to perfection but, apparently, Indpendence wasn’t really up for duplicating the feat.

Well, the Spartanhood can rest easy this season. And next. And the one after that. Wake me up when someone hits 100.
— Ben Enos