Once upon a sideout, the Times used to have a high school girls volleyball poll. I wasn’t around in those days, but some of the veteran coaches were quick to make sure I knew about it and its popularity.

Evidently, as space declined so did volleyball coverage in the Times and the poll was ditched by the paper in the same manner in which the sport threw out the 15-point scoring system — a move received with mix feelings.

Of course, those who generally love volleyball weren’t too happy about it.

The last poll ran in 2000, when Jonathon Okanes, now the fabulous CAL football beat writer, used to roam your local high school gym.

Well, here on the East Bay Prep Blog, we’re bringing it back! (Take note of the exclamation mark)

This time it’s a little different. For full disclosure, this is strictly a coaches’ poll headed by Deer Valley coach Lou Panzella. Here’s how it works. Only coaches will cast their votes on teams in the EAST BAY and Panzella tallies them up, figures out the Top 10 and sends them my way. I then post the results here on the Blog.

I’ll write a little something above the Top 10 each week and then it’s up to you, the fan, the player, the coach, Wilson the volleyball from Cast Away (anybody really) to agree or disagree by commenting at the bottom of this entry. Here’s your chance to give your opinion. Show us how much girls volleyball means to you. Give us your insight, your analysis, your observations. You can E-mail me, Ricardo Sanchez Jr., at rsanchez2@bayareanewsgroup.com with any tips or ideas as well.

Here’s this week’s poll:


1. Amador Valley (solid behind Sophia Dunworth and Katie Gellerman)
2. Deer Valley (setter Iris Tolenada should guide the Wolverines)
3. Foothill (Can the Falcons overcome some recent injuries?)
4. Granada (Nice run to the quarterfinals at DV tourney)
5. Campolindo (Young but talented, lost in quarterfinals at DV tourney)
6. Castro Valley (won the consolation championship at DV tourney)
7. San Ramon Valley (Geesh, another strong team in the EBAL)
8. Carondelet (Cougars could be Deer Valley’s top challenger in BVAL)
9. Albany (Lost in the consolation championship to Castro Valley)
10. Las Lomas (Are the Knights ready to challenge Campolindo in DFAL?)