Two Geeks and Pigskin: Get on board!

Hopefully a few of you are familiar with the online video segments that Ben Enos and myself are doing for our prep football coverage on the Web. It’s called Two Geeks and a Pigskin and we’re doing our best to bring you prep football insight while having as much fun as possible.

We know that some of you are watching it, and we’re eager to find out if you’re enjoying it. And if you haven’t seen an episode yet, well, we’d like to fix that.

Here are the first four installments.
Week Zero: Our introductory piece, shot in the CCT photo studio, Ben is ridiculed for being a member of his high school debate team.
Week One: Ben has fun mocking me during a KICU Sports Focus taping, also Ben gets revenge by dragging out an incriminating photo from my high school days.
Week Two: Shot at the Bryson residence, we debut the Gummi Gridiron and one of my cats makes a cameo appearance.
Week Three: Our most recent edition, released today (9/20). We shoot at Selix Tuxedo rental where I prepare for my wedding on Saturday.

New segments should be released each Thursday, building to Friday night football. We’re eager to hear your encouragement, suggestions or general gripes. We’ve actually started our own Geek email address. You can send us your thoughts by at: cctgeeks@comcast.net

No suggestion is too off-the-wall. We look forward to hearing from you.
-Chace Bryson