No place for ties in football

There have been a couple situations this season where coaches have needed to decide to go for the win or settle for the tie. The last one coming on Friday night in the California-San Ramon Valley football game.

 Cal trailed 10-3 before scoring a touchdown with under 30 seconds to go. Grizzlies coach Tony Sanchez knew he had the tie-breaker wild card in the East Bay Athletic League, which meant a tie was as good as a win in this situation. But in the end, Cal missed the extra-point and lost the game.

But should there even be a chance for a team to tie another? I don’t think so. The game should just go to overtime like it would in the North Coast Section playoffs. Can anyone give a legitimate reason why the game would end in a tie?

 High school basketball has overtime and baseball has extra innings. But football, the biggest prep sport of all, doesn’t play extra to decide a winner? It really doesn’t make sense, and the leagues in the East Bay need to change this. 


  • vincent bordelon

    It’s a great thing for Berkeley High Ha Ha Great job Coach Carter