East Bay Area All-Star game?

How awesome would it be to have each league create an all-star team and play eachother for bragging rights when the season is over? It could be like making the Pro Bowl for the kids in each area.

I know what you’re thinking:¬†Duh, the BVAL would win because they have De La Salle. Well, I don’t know about that. The EBAL could put together quite a squad and so could the ACCAL. The HAAL and MVAL are no slouches, either.

I think it would bring out a huge crowd and be nothing but a success for football in the East Bay. Maybe somebody out there can make this a reality. I know the football season is already long enough and a lot of players have to hustle to the basketball court once NCS is over, but it is fun to think about which league would win.

Basketball has a tournament at the end of the season, where each league grabs seniors and puts on a showcase at Chabot College. Each league plays the other and a champion is decided with a championship game. It is exciting stuff.

The only problem with football is you can’t play games on consecutive days. That would be a big hurdle to jump. Still, I think this is something somebody should look into organizing.