De La Salle, James Logan and then the rest

The top two teams in the East Bay this year are pretty obvious. No. 1 De La Salle and No. 2 James Logan. The two teams are so far ahead of the rest of the pack.

The Spartans are of course in a world of their own at No. 1. But the Colts are light years ahead of any other team in the East Bay besides the Spartans. The rest of the football world seems to be on a lower level this season.

San Ramon Valley, California and Newark Memorial seem to be the next best teams in the area. But these squads are no where close to matching the talent that James Logan has. Seems like we are going to go old school this year. DLS-James Logan in the NCS 4-A East Bay title game. 

Do the Colts stand a chance? Probably not. But one interesting thing to look at is Colts coach George Zuber. The guy was the defensive coordinator for the 2005 San Leandro team, which held De La Salle to just 14 points in the title game. Not the same defense at Logan this year, but just a thought.


  • ryan

    Colts typically choke in the playoffs. I don’t see them going farther than the semi’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost to an EBAL team such as San Ramon or Cal. De la is the obvious winner without a doubt.

  • ryan

    The colts typically choke in the playoffs. Yes they beat Monte Vista but by no means it was a blowout. I don’t see the Colts going farther than the semi’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got beat by an EBAL team such as San Ramon or Cal. Not to knock them but the Colts have an easy schedule compared to other leagues.

  • Steven

    Love this blog. In my opinion, you are right on the money- except one thing. I have seen Newark play a few times and have come away completely underwhelmed. They are riding that one win over Washington, which I believe was the result of great game-planning by Newarks defensive co-ordinator. I think a lot of teams in the east bay could handle them. Logan will beat them by 30 or more IMO. Keep up the good work!

  • Adrian

    Logan chokes? In all fairness- they played De La Salle.

  • Tony

    When was the last time you can say that Logan choked? The last 5 years they have been no higher than a #5 seed. 2002 as a #6 seed they lost to #3 Foothill 31-25, 2003 #6 lost to
    #3 Pitt 27-14, 2004 as a #5 seed they beat Foothill (46-20) before losing to top-seed
    Amador. 2005 got blasted by DLS 68-0. Last year they were the No. 7 seed and lost to
    #2 Foothill 32-29 in the last minute of the game.
    As far as their schedule, they handeld Monte Vista, Skyline, Berkeley and Pitt… MV,
    Berkeley and Pitt will more likely win their league and all 4 schools are perenial power
    house schools. They play them every year…

  • Alfonso hamilton

    this will be the year logan brings it to the big game,don’t sleep on logan if they lose in the big game to De la sal it want be by much trust me logan is blasting fools everyweek so look out.

  • rzamora

    logan choking? yo logan is only getting better, from getting blasted by monte vista in 06,
    then playing EBAL league champs foothill in the first round of the NCS playoffs in which
    logan ran more yards than the falcon defense ever game up FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON,
    and this year they blast four 4-A teams out the water, monte vista, who barely lost to
    california, then the colts run over washington, who tied with san ramon valley, who did
    beat california, and if logan ends up overpowering newark, logans going to be moving
    at full speed heading into the playoffs, it’s been about 10 years since logan has been
    to the coliseum, it’s about time, MVAL is on the lookout to gain all respect as far as an
    “easy schedule”

  • John

    Logan is a good team with a lot of talent, but they aren’t as good as everyone says they
    They beat a monte Vista team that took them lightly, since they dominated logan in
    previous years,
    Then they beat Skyline and Berkley, two teams that aren’t very good at all
    They also beat an always overated Pittsburg team and also beat everyone in a very
    weak MVAL,
    When you look at it Logan hasn’t beaten anybody good
    I see them losing to California in the semis of the playoffs

  • Matt

    I think that this article was written to early into the season, and that the author is probably
    thinking a little different these days. I think that the east bay teams are seeing a different
    year, and future.

  • Rex Henderson

    Agreed. The Colts do have a really good offense with a very good quarter back. But it seems that the Colts offense is very one sided (favoring the run), which can only get a team so far.

    I think there is alot to be said when a team underestimates another. I don’t think that Monte Vista was as bad as their 37-21 loss. I’m not sure whether they would have beat James Logan or not, but I do agree that Monte Vista did come into their first game unprepared.

  • John

    well put Rex, The colts played Monte Vista the first game of the season when the Mustangs had a lot of Juniors and sophmores playing in their first varsity game. They needed time to adjust to the speed of th game, and playing evans and the rest of the speedy colts certainly didn’t help. Congrats to Cal for knocking off the undefeated colts and advancing to their first NCS championship.