Rashad Evans on another level

James Logan High senior do-it-all quarterback Rashad Evans is on another planet when comparing his skill to other football players in the East Bay. 

The kid just straight went off tonight against Washington. He finished with 12 carries for 258 yards. Flat out, Evans is the most dangerous weapon in the East Bay. Oh, and Evans is a shutdown corner, too. He is actually being recruited to play DB.

He is the front runner to win the BANG-East Bay Offensive Player of the Year award and in the running for the Defensive Player of the Year. If you haven’t seen the guy play, make sure to check him out. 

Top colleges have taken notice. According to Evans, here are his top five college choices in no particular order.

Cal, Oregon, Utah, Georgia Tech and USC. All of the previous have offered a scholarship to Evans. And according to inside sources, Stanford has thrown its name into the mix. Although, it is unknown at the moment if Stanford has made an offer.


  • rzamora

    Rashad Evans is really something really rare, he should have been a talk since his freshman year, which he tried out for JV and ended up starting on defense right away, his sophomore year he started on varsity at corner, his junior year he started at saftey and wing, and now he’s starting at QB and saftey/corner, I had the chance to play with him for 3 years at logan, and we always knew he was a star, he’s made so many key plays and has tons of stats, this kids gonna do big in college, and hopefully prevail in the pros too, much luck to him.