Washington to forfeit … for now

The North Coast Section ruled that Washington must forfeit its first two games of the year for using receiver Tommy Ross, who was deemed ineligible for a transfer mishap, according to Huskies coach Ken Wittmer. Ross transferred from Kennedy-Fremont and was ruled ineligible for the rest of the season by NCS, according to Wittmer.

The Huskies beat Arroyo and Tennyson in the first two weeks of the season.  Wittmer said he will appeal both of the rulings. Well, one thing is for sure: that makes Washington the best 2-4-1 team in the East Bay!


  • bobalou

    Why did MSJ forfeit to Wilson Prep — talk about weak !!!!

  • John

    Adults failing the kids again. I know someone working in these types of government institutions(city government, school districts etc) Well, there is no accountability in these offices. One person is in charge of this, dropped the ball, put the paperwork in the drawer and left it there. This person’s job is protected by a union whom they have part of their paycheck pay for “Union Dues.” Management are scared of unions, so supervisors, managers overseeing this person, does not raise the ire of this worker and walks around him/her on eggshells. So in reality, these people really don’t need to do much work, anything outside the realm of daily duty, is not done, they’ll still sit there and collect a paycheck which comes out of your taxes. They are basically stealing people’s hard earned money.

    Unfortunately, Washington High, and Mr. Ross are paying for this laziness. Blame the district for not keeping employees accountable. Does the school district benefit from this no, does the school no, does the student, no. No one benefits from it so why allow it to keep happening? This could quite possibly cost Washington an NCS berth, something the entire roster has been working towards since last spring. What does this show the kids? It shows them it’s okay to be lazy.