Who is overrated?

It is time to address this overrated talk that is going around. I am getting comments and e-mails about teams that some of you feel are overrated. So far I have heard a majority of you say Newark and James Logan are overrated. Hmmm, these two teams have something in common and I can’t figure it out.

Oh, I got it. They are both Mission Valley Athletic League schools.

Everybody is quick to downgrade MVAL teams. Let me give you my opinion on all of this.

James Logan is the real deal this year. I have seen California play and the Grizzlies could not take down the Colts. San Ramon Valley is a North Coast Section 3-A school so we don’t have to even think about James Logan (NCS 4-A) playing them this year.

The Colts already took down Monte Vista, which will end up the EBAL champs or in second place. Who does that leave to beat James Logan? Oh, and De La Salle doesn’t count.

My take: Not overrated.

Newark Memorial is getting a ton of credit for basically one game: Washington coming back from 14 points in the final four minutes to tie San Ramon Valley. And then Newark beating Washington 6-3 has kept the Cougars at No. 4 in the East Bay Super Poll. Newark is undefeated.

The Cougars, until last week’s trouncing of Irvington, has shown they play down to their opponents’ level at times. That does set off an alarm in my head that Newark still needs to prove itself.

However, I do agree with the Cougars being No. 4 in our poll because of all the parity this year. I think every team, No. 3 – No. 10 in the poll, is so close in talent that they could all beat eachother on any given Friday.

 Maybe in the end we will find out that Newark is too high in the poll, but for now Newark is undefeated and knocked off a team that tied our No. 3 team in the poll. They are No. 4 until somebody below steps up and does something convincing. Nobody has done that yet. And I don’t think anyone will until the playoffs.

So is Newark overrated?

My take: The red flag is up in my head, but even if they are overrated, it isn’t by much. 


  • John

    Newark is definately overated. They are a seed higher then a California team that would absolutely destroy them. You can’t base how a team compares to anoter by two other teams preformance. The Washington- SRV game was a fluke. SRV shot themselves in the foot with stupid mistakes. To prove that Grenada, who lost to SRV by 10, destroyed Washington 39-13. California is ranked behind Newark in the polls which is ridiculous. California only lost to SRV by one point, and that was on a missed extra point. When you look at the game California was much more dominant. They had over 350 yards of offense and held SRV to around 150 yards and only a field goal ( the touchdown was a fumble recovery in the endzone). Cal had 20 first downs oppossed to SRV’s 9. Cal should’ve won the game or at very least tied it. When you look at who Newark beat it’s hardley impressive. including the bad MVAL opponents they beat two sub-par teams in the CCS, Sequia and Milpitas, they beat a terrible Fremont (Oakland) team, and a winless McNair (stockton) team. Newark is definately the most overated team in the NCS. They might sneak into the 3A title game, but will get destroyed by SRV. If Newark was in the EBAL, they would finish 4-6 and in seventh place with their lone EBAL win against Livermore