NCS 4-A East Bay playoff picture

Thank goodness for overtime in the Hayward Area Athletic League. I got the chance to watch San Leandro’s thrilling 15-14 overtime victory over Castro Valley on Friday night. Man, what a game.

But, on another note, let’s breakdown the NCS  4-A playoff picture. Things are beginning to shape up after Week 8.

NCS 4-A picture 

Locks: De La Salle (7-0), California (7-1, 4-1 EBAL), James Logan (8-0, 3-0 MVAL)

Near locks: Berkeley (4-3-1, 4-0-1 ACCAL), Pittsburg (4-4, 4-1 BVAL), San Leandro (6-2, 5-0 HAAL).

Bubble teams: Mt. Eden (5-3, 4-1 HAAL), Amador Valley (6-2, 2-2 EBAL), Foothill (5-3, 2-2 EBAL), Monte Vista (5-3, 2-2 EBAL), Deer Valley (6-2, 4-2 BVAL)

My picks/seeding: 1. De La Salle; 2. James Logan; 3. California; 4. San Leandro; 5. Amador Valley; 6. Pittsburg; 7. Deer Valley; 8. Berkeley

My take: The EBAL could be on the outside looking in when it is all said and done. Four spots are likely to go to league champions(JL, SL, Pitt, Berkeley) plus De La Salle makes five spots gone. That means only three spots are availabe for at-large hopeful teams. And California at 7-1 right now are a lock for a spot. That means, the way I see it, two spots are up for grabs going into the final two weeks.

Amador Valley gets Foothill and California in the next two games. A win over Foothill or California figures to get them into the playoffs. Amador should be able to get that done.

Deer Valley’s win over Granada earlier this season might be enough to get them into the playoffs. Granada own a win over Amador and if Amador knocks off Foothill or Cal, that will make Deer Valley’s win even bigger. If Amador beats Foothill, that could spell the end for the Falcons. Monte Vista would be the only threat to Deer Valley getting the final spot. If I had my own decision, I would put Monte Vista in. But I have a feeling NCS won’t see it that way.

Monte Vista and Foothill play each other this week. The loser of this one will probably not reach the playoffs. And if Amador beats Foothill, and Foothill beats Monte Vista, that will be it for Monte Vista.


  • capthhook

    I like your seeding but Pitt might move higher than the 2nd EBAL team’s position be it Amador or Foothill. But, as you seed it right now, it’s very favorable for Pitt. It’ll be great 1st round bet Cal and Pitt. If Pitt wins this, the 2nd round will be my team, Pitt/s much awaited return bout with Logan. This time, Pitt will get its revenge and put them in the NCS title game vs another rematch with DLS.

    The game bet Pitt vs DLS was well-fought in the 1st half, no other team had 0-0 in 1st qtr with DLS and DLS 1st TD at 7:41 in 2nd qtr tells u that Pitt stopped the DLS run and passing games till then. Only in the lst 15 sec of 2nd qtr did DLS score on a Pitt fumble at around the 20 yrds. DLS never scored only 14-0 at the end of 1st half against any other team. Normally, they blow out teams by end of the 1st half. That’s because the 3 long passes by McGillivray –2 to Czyz and one to Butler were all STOPPED by the dangerous Pitt corner DB Avery Patterson. That guy was Pitt’s hero for the day. This kind of play will characterize how the NCS rematch with DLS will be come NCS title game.

  • EBAL fan

    This year is a weak year in the EBAL. If you watch these teams play it’s like watching a JV team. It comes down to which team can make the least amount of mistakes or cover their butts when they do. I’ve watched all of them play and none of them can compare to the teams from last year. The quality and experience just isn’t there. DLS and Logan will run all over any of them. DLS with their two QB system looks stronger than last year. As far as Pittsburg is concerned they are overrated every year.

  • capthook

    I don’t blame your misperception about Pitt being overrated; they were indeed rated highly in pre season and dropped when their 1st 3 games were losses to VC, Logan and Freedom. Since then, though they have won all league games, then lost to DLS last week. They’re expected to win over YV and Antioch in remaining weeks to claim outright champ. But, the great thing for Pitt, is that NO OTHER TEAM YOU MENTIONED IN SEEDINGS ABOVE OR IN THE BUBBLE HAVE PLAYED DLS THIS YEAR. DLS is the nation’s #3 and you gotta give Pitt credit for that. So much so, that I even think Pitt will be seeded No. 3 due to it’s really tough strength of schedule.

  • Youngbox

    I wouldn’t consider Pittsburg OVERrated at all.. They are pretty much an underdog this year…. The team wasn’t over hyped at all. They play a tough schedule, started a brand new offense and have had there struggles. As shown in the losses to VC, LOGAN, FREEDOM, AND DLS. The los to freedom is inexcusable. What i like in the playoffs is that records are thrown out the door. as seen with DV and Pittsburg last post season.. I jus pray these kids go out and contend and not let late season jitters rattle or destroy them as a team.. Good luck pirates

  • mbower

    Pitt is a team that has improved tremendously as the year has rolled along. I doubt Pitt will jump over Cal in the seeding process, though. The fact that they played De La Salle and got blown out won’t help them any, but won’t hurt them any either. I know you say the score was close for a while, but that doesn’t really matter. Pitt will be somewhere around a No.5 or No. 6 seed, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t better than a No. 4 or No. 3 seed. I have seen Pitt teams turn a 30-point loss or so to San Leandro in the regular season in 2005 to an overtime thrilling loss to the Pirates, which went to the NCS 4-A championship game that year and lost to DLS just 14-0. So Pitt teams have shown improvement as the year goes on before. But a top three ranking is out of the question.