Here are the finals from tonight: De La Salle over Monte Vista 50-15; San Ramon Valley over College Park 59-7 and Campolindo over Encinal 28-8. I am heading home and I better see some thoughts by the time I get there. I will add my own when I get to the house.


  • Mark

    ouch what happend to MV. looks like they got hit worse this year by the green machine than last year. once again Campo showed they are a legit darkhouse candidate in the 2A and a DFAL rematch with LL will be huge. SRV took care of business but they cant look forward to Cardinal Newman jsut yet. got to watch out for PV/Wash winner and show them how the Wolves roll. i predict DLS over Cal 42-14, SRV over Washington 35-7, and LL over Campo 28-14. good luck to all teams still in the playoffs.

  • HighSchoolFan

    Well, I think we all knew MV’s defense wasn’t very strong, but I’m disappointed that their offense didn’t score a few more times, I think DLS gets tested next week if Logan gets by Cal. As for SRV, they crushed another weak opponent and if Washington doesn’t beat Pinole, it’s going to be another blowout for SRV. Then there’s Campo, the surprise team of the 2A bracket. I’m on the Campo wagon, these guys will win the 2A championship.

    The bottom line is, Logan needs to beat Cal, because with MV getting blown out by DLS and Cal only beating MV by 1 score, it won’t be too exciting. I think everyone, but Cal fans want to see Logan’s speed vs DLS. This is a way better matchup going into the championship game. As for the 3A bracket, Washington needs to beat Pinole, because that 35-35 tie and the addition of Vaughn makes for a great rematch. Not to mention, the ACAL has now been identified as WEAK. Pinole would be no match for SRV, especially after strugging against Arroyo. Then there’s the 2A’s, If LL wins we have another good rematch game. LL beat Campo last time by 1 score, but Campo is the now team, so this figures to be another good matchup. If these results occur, then we’ll have a very good blog next week, ticket sales will be good and the boys will be ready to write some great stories. So go JL, WHS and LL

  • mbower

    I will respond with a very simple, I agree with all of the above!

  • April

    GO CAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tyrese jackson

    y’all wanna win, put booby in. y’all wanna win, let booby spin. Pinole football rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fiveone

    speak english jack

  • David B.

    This is a little off topic, but with the NCS finals so close, does anyone know when we will be able to see the all league teams? Nothing has been published in my paper yet i don’t think; Im really looking foward to seeing the all EBAL team.

  • Michael Bower


    The HAAL all-league team will be running on Tuesday. As far as the other leagues, I am not sure. I will try to figure this out or maybe Hoose, Durkin and Miller can comment here and let him know when you guys know?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    The EBAL team ran today in the Tri Valley Herald.

  • David B.

    i got a hold of it. I guess i didn’t notice because i was expecting it to be in contra costa county times. Thanks a lot guys.

  • Alviso#53

    Where can we find it if we missed it in the paper?