California at James Logan: 2nd Qtr, 7-3 CAL


Scoring summary:  JL _ De La Cruz 20 FG

                                   CAL _ Alex Spalliero kickoff return around 75 yards  

– Sorry it was fourth down and 14. Logan got a nice punt off and there is two seconds for Cal, who just took a knee to end the half. It is 7-3 CAL. 

– Evans is sacked again for a big loss. There is 11 seconds to go and it is third-and-14 from Logan’s 46. Cal calls a timeout. 

– While we are at timeout. I would like to say that I WANT TO SEE SOME COMMENTS!! Where is everyone?????????? 

– Evans tries to run but is stuffed for a loss by Leroy Green. Timeout Logan with 25 seconds before the half on the ball on Cal’s 46 

– 31 seconds to go in the half. Evans runs for about 3 yards to the 39 of Cal 

– Logan will start at the Grizzlies 42 after the punt. 

– Spalliero nearly completes the pass but ruled out of bounds and the Cal fans cheering Bull$$$$. But Cal will punt. 

– Cal struggling to get any offense. After a couple of Rosato runs it is third and 7 from their own 7 

– Colts go for it and Godfrey fumbles the ball and Cal recovers. Godrey tried to go up the middle and Cal’s defense stuffed him and forced him to fumble. I have seen Cals goaline defense a couple times this year and it has been solid every time. Cal’s ball at its own 3. 

– Godfrey up the middle and decision time. Ball on the 1 and fourth down. 

– The Grizzlies have showed some feisty goaline defense. 

– The colts continue to drive while I was taking other scores. It is second and 2 from the two-yard line. The Colts were just stuffed. Now third down from about the 3. 

– Brooks this time to the right side. It is third-and-1 from the 20 

– Godfrey with a big gain up to the 30 

– Wow. Logan nearly answered.  Justin Brooks with a long return to the Grizzlies’ 40 

– Cal’s Alex Spalliero sucked the wind out of Logan with about a 75-yard kickoff return for a TD. The extra point is good and the Grizzly fans are going wild. It is 7-3 Cal with 8:45 left before the half. WOW! Spalliero made a couple guys miss and went down the sideline and beat everyone to the end zone.  

– De La Cruz connects on the 20-yard FG and the Colts take a 3-0 lead with nine minutes before halftime. 

– Evans rolls right but throws out of the back of the end zone. And the field goal unit comes onto the field for Logan. 

– Timeout Logan. 

– Godfrey to the right side up to the 2-yard line. Third and goal 

– Godfrey to the left side no gain. 

– Godfrey up the middle and gets a couple yards and a first down. First and goal from the 4 

– Colts have a third and 1 from the 6 of the Grizzlies. 

– Second quarter starting.


  • logan will win 27-20

  • Chris

    Thanks for the blogs. Enjoying the updates while I’m watching the KU-Mizzu game

  • supermom

    This is great for the fans who had to work, thanks for the live updates, as a fan of the game it is fun to check in. Cal seems to be getting it done! Props to Leroy, a wrestler! he is on fire!!!!!

  • DLS mom

    Great coverage tonight. Much better than the De La Salle game last night. Spartan94518 kept us up to date, though.

  • chris

    Get er DONE CAL…. You have had a great run all season. Make it happen.

  • Mark

    we’re here. reading intently. dont think we dont appreciate the effort Bower. you’re doing a great job bringing the game to those of us who couldn’t make the game. keep it up!

  • nick

    i could not make the game, thanks for the updates

  • charlieq411

    JL is a strong second half team. Once it gets setted I predict a 13 point win for JL. Keep up with the updates.

  • Mark

    It doesnt appear that Logan’s speed bothered Cal too much on Alex Spalliero’s kickoff return.
    Do you think the speed factor is taking a toll on the Grizzlies yet?

  • snakebite

    JL will figure it out. They have a great offensive coordinator

  • CuriousWon

    What’s up with # 2 seeds? Kansas is getting their’s handed to them and Logan is not running away with it?

  • supermom

    Hey DLS Mom, Im another, What is your sons jersey # mine’s #22

  • Chata

    James Logan’s season is done unless the offense can get going. They are way too conservative right now.

  • jonny

    I cant wait to to see the defence of D.L.S. with that big #84 end go against j.l.