California at James Logan: 3rd Qtr, 14-3 CAL


– Logan will have a third-and-9 from Cal’s 30 to start the fourth quarter. 

– Brooks picks up about 9 for Logan. They are at the 41 of Cal. 

– Logan needs to stop running up the middle. They are getting drilled. 

– cal is forced to Punt and logan will start its drive at about the 50 

– Cal has the ball on its own 22 and it is already third-and-13 with 2:16 left in the quarter. 

– Double-reverse is stuffed. Logan has to punt. Logan is in trouble. They can’t run the ball and Evans is being contained.  

– Evans throws it away. He has been bottled up. Nowhere to run. It is third down and 6 

– Godfrey up the middle for about 5.  

– Bailey picks up about 11 and a colts first down. to the 38 of Logan. 

– The momentum is all for the Grizzlies. Logan needs something big to happen here. First and 10 from their own 28. 

– Evans for some reason hasn’t been playing DB and this time the Colts get burned. Cal QB Nick Spalliero throws a perfect deep bomb to Camden Codx. Codx catches it in stride and races in for the score. A 64-yard hookup and the kick is good. It is 14-3 Cal with just over five minutes left in the quarter. 

– Godfrey gets the ball and is hit just before the first down marker. Cal’s defense comes up huge again. It is Cal’s ball. First and 10 at their own 36 

– Evans keeps it and gets nothing. It is fourth down and 4 and logan is going for it. 

– It is third-and-4 from the 44 of Cal for Logan. There is 6:36 left in the quarter. 

– Wow. this could be the break logan needed. James Logan recovered a Cal fumble. The ball was on the turf for about 10 seconds as everyone scrambled for it and it squirted around. Logan’s Joe Bailey finall got it and Logan has the ball on Cal’s 39. 

– First and 10 from the Logan 12 for Cal. Nick Spalliero is in at QB. 

– Stompro has the offense moving but now Alex Spalliero is in the shotgun and keeps it and goes up the middle for a big gain inside the Logan 5, but a illegal block brings it back. 

– I was wrong and Stompro is still in at QB and completes a long pass to Zwarb. Cal has the ball in Logan territory at the 31. 

– Stompro comes into QB for Cal and throws an incomplete pass. Not sure why he came in, but Spalliero runs back on the field now for second and 10 

– Spalliero completes to Hunting on a curl route for a first down at Cal’s 37. 

– Spalliero throws incomplete. He is having a tough time throwing tonight. His pass was wide of an open receiver.  Third down. 

– A penalty backed up Cal and a short gain now makes it second-and-9 from the 24  

– Cal fumbles the kickoff but recovers and starts at its own 23 yard line. 

– The third quarter is about to begin. An interesting note here: Logan has never trailed until now at the half. 

– Both of these teams will lose to DLS by about 40 or so in my opinion. 

– Some halftime stats for ya provided by Steve R. Waterhouse: Godfrey has 15 carries for 83 yards. The big story here: Rashad Evans has nine carries for minus-7 yards. But Cal only has 50 total yards of offense. This one should go down to the wire. Wow. Evans with 7 yards. What a job by the Cal defense. 

– Thanks for commenting. I feel better now. What is the score of that KU-Mizzou game by the way?

– It is halftime right now and I must say the environment here is great! The DJ out at Logan has the crowd going wild. My thoughts: James Logan is having a tough time getting the big punch in. They have had the ball inside the 5-yard line twice and only came away with 3 points. The Grizzlies aren’t doing anything on offense and are leading due to the kickoff return. Even though the Colts are down 7-3, I think they are having more success on offense and it is only a matter of time until they punch in these opportunities.


  • Don

    28-7 mizzou start of 4th

  • Mark

    Mizzou is up 21 on Kansas 28-7 with a little over 14 minutes left in the game.

  • Chris

    Mizzou 28 – KU 14 with 12:15 to go in the 4th quarter.

  • supermom

    28 -14 mizzou is winning!!!!!!!!
    4th quarter 12:00 min left

  • supermom

    DLS Mom where are you? what is your sons jersey #

  • Ron

    keep up the good work. Thanks for the updates.

  • Thank you for the great play by play info. Stuck at home. I appreciate what you are doing. Go Cal!

  • Chata

    what’s wrong with the logan play calling?

  • Chris

    FYI…Mizzou 31 KU 21 with 8:28 to go.

  • calhi18

    thanks for the updates. I am blogging from Utah, so this is a big game for the California Alma Mater thoroughout the country. It is a great way for those of us who cant be there to get real time updates. Go Grizzlies.

  • lujan

    cal is super cool