East Bay QBs

I just watched Kyle Wright cap his lackluster career at Miami with a 28-14 loss to Boston College. We’ve been pretty fortunate this decade to watch some great high school QBs in the East Bay (Wright, Keller, Olson, Gutierrez and so on). I find it very interesting, though, that the two best from the area turned out to be Dennis Dixon of San Leandro and Josh Johnson of Oakland Tech. 



  • David B.

    Thats very interesting. It just goes to be another example that it really is hard to determine how well a prep athlete will do in college. Would’t it be even more interesting if Wright turns around and has a better NFL career than Dixon? Hey, it seems unlikely now, but 5 years ago it seemed unlikely that Wright wouldn’t end up a heisman trophy winner, and it seemed unlikely Dixon would ever start.

  • jonny garcia

    It sounds as if we have a defence driven matchup tonight. What is going to happen when either team comes up against D.L.S. and that high output offence?

  • Well if your a quarterback, who plays on one of the teams located on the interstate 680
    You can always give “BROTHER” Christopher Brady dean over at De La Salle a call and
    maybe his nephew Tom Brady can put in a good word for you like he did for ex-QB for
    De La Salle..Matt Gutierrez.