Hey, just got done sending in my story for the game tonight and thought I would throw out some quick thoughts on this game.

Pretty much went as expected. At the end of the day, when you get a team in a 2-A league taking on a team from a 4-A league, this is what’s going to happen. Of course, throughout the years, there’s been exceptions, but not too often.

The offense of College Park is a good one within their league, but when you run into a team with as many athletes as San Ramon, the same holes which are there in league, are suddenly gone.

Great job by the SRV backers – Cummings, Bruno, Callaway and Goodman – in shutting down the Falcons offense. Once it was 21-0, it was long over, as there was no way College Park could play catchup with it offense.

It was the same issues which has plagued Ygnacio Valley over the years. Fall behind and it’s over.

Southwick was efficient, but it was that middle screen which just destroyed College Park. Great job by the line, as well as the receivers turning the ball up the field. Who knows what happens next week – we’ll have to wait and see the outcome of Pinole and Washington – but SRV looks very good.

Say what you want about the the Wolves draw – American was weak – but there were plenty of people out there trying to sell College Park as a bracket-buster. Now what?

¬†Thanks for checking in and we’ll post more during the week.


  • callit

    dmiller I agree with your observations about the game, especially your comparisons to the teams college park plays, when compared to the teams SRV plays. Not being at the Pinole vs. Washgton game, any thoughts on how Pinole offense will do against the Wolves defense, which seems to be very good? Also do you think SRV is going to dominate this game as they have done the previous two games?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    SRV will win this game by at least 3 TDs.

    The Pinole defense had a lot of trouble against Washington and only won because it took advantage of a couple Washington miscues (center snapping the ball when they were trying to get them offsides, poor punts and some fluky interceptions). Take away the first 10 mins of the third quarter, where everything that could have gone wrong did against Wash, the Huskies outplayed Pinole.

    I saw Washington play a lot this year and I think on almost every other day it would have beaten Pinole. Just the way it goes.