Cal bends, never breaks

The Cal High football team has been playing with a rubber-band defense all season long and most people thought the defense would eventually break, but it never has and now they are playing De La Salle in the NCS 4-A East Bay title game.

I am sure the rubber band will snap against the Spartans, but that doesn’t really matter. Cal proved a lot of people wrong (including myself) by riding its fiesty and stubborn defense to the title game for the first time in school history.

James Logan’s Rashaad Evans was slowed by a hamstring injury and eventually couldn’t finish the game, but it was still a remarkable effort by Cal to shutdown the entire Colts’ offense once it reached the Red Zone.

James Logan had the ball inside the 5-yard line of the Grizzlies twice in the first half and managed just 3 points. A field goal and then a fumble on fourth-and-goal from the 1.

James Logan is no slouch, but the old cliche rang true, “offense wins games and defense wins championships.” Granted it wasn’t a championship game, but it might as well have been. The winner of this one was going to lose to De La Salle the next week.

Cal didn’t have my respect until this week. I seen them play San Leandro earlier in the season and came away unimpressed. I kept hearing about these goal line stands all year long and figured eventually the defense would snap and the Grizzlies would fall apart. It never happened and everyone, except the East Bay Athletic League bandwagoner’s, were wrong.

Just a great job by the Grizzlies. Good luck to them against the Spartans in a preview of what should be plenty of matchups with the mighty squad from Concord. DLS of course will be in the EBAL next season.


  • lebeau70

    I give Cal their props they are a good team.

  • Mark

    actually, they did break, once against SRV. the Wolves were up 10-0 going at halftime and the grizzlies launched a pretty good comeback effort just to tie the wolves. but they didnt’ PAT was no good and SRV went on to win 10-9 and take the EBAL title outright until the loss to crosstown rival monte vista.

    but isnt it ironic how both EBAL co-champions are gonna be playing in their title games. just goes to show you how dominant the top EBAL teams are when NCS comes around… good job by Cal the Grizzlies will rep the EBAL well against DLS. hopefully they can do something that Monte Vista, Foothill, San Ramon Valley, and Amador Valley couldn’t do when they all had their shots at the spartans.

  • scott

    I agree with your comments Mark, but have to point out that the D did not break in the SRV game, as there was no offensive TD scored by SRV in that game. Their only TD came on a a fumbled shotgun snap by the Griz on the goal line which SRV fell on in the end zone. thanks also to Mike for acknowledging being a Grizzly ‘doubter’ – we’re just where we want to be goin into the DLS game as the “underdog”…..again. Seems to be working just fine for us. 🙂

  • Alviso#53

    lebeau70; would you happen to be Blake Lebeau, tackle for the colts?

  • lebeau70

    yea thats me

  • Michael Bower

    I have no problem admitting when I am wrong, Scott. Congrats and good luck against DLS.

  • lebeau70

    I was wondering when do the All- East Bay teams come out?

  • Michael Bower

    Not sure of the exact date right now. We don’t select them until the State Championship games are over. I would say the end of December or middle of January. I will post on here when it is coming out as soon as I know.

  • lebeau70

    Appreciate it.

  • Alviso#53

    Lebeau, I just wanted to say you play well man. You kicked my ass a few times out there on saturday night.

  • rzamora

    great game played on both sides of the ball in my eyes, it was a tough thing to swallow for logan but props to cal to come out with a win

  • dmiller


    My support of Cal throughout the season had nothing to do with jumping on the bandwagon, but rather has to do with seeing the team play a number of times, then making an educated opinion as to their quality.

    If you had seen them play more than one once, you would have realized how good the team actually is.

    Logan was a great team, but the better team won.

  • Michael Bower


    I seen them twice actually and I wasn’t talking about you being a bandwagoner. Just saying most people outside of EBAL and Cal fans thought this team wouldn’t get by Logan. I knew Cal was good, just not Logan good. But you’re right, the better team won.

  • HighSchoolFan

    Well, I for one was all over Cal against Pitt, but I really thought that Evans would be the difference maker for Logan along with the Logan D, who I thought was a bit better than Cal’s. You know the hamstring problem had an affect on all three phases of Logan’s game, but you can’t take anything away from Cal, they came to play, just like they have in every game this year. It seems there is always that now team, that special team that just can’t lose, the players believe, the coaches believe and the fans believe, it’s magical. Cal is that team. Nobody thought they could win the EBAL, beat Pitt and had little or no chance to beat Logan (I was of those against Logan), but they did. This Cal team hasn’t received much respect this year, but that doesn’t seem to phase them or their fans, they just go out and win. Also, there’s nothing wrong with being a bandwagoner, if your favorite team didn’t make it, then choose another team and jump on and enjoy the ride, that’s why we’re fans. You pick a team this week to win and now you’re a fan of that team. Do you want that team to win? You bet, so you’re on the wagon. Do we think Miller will win the 3rd round? You bet, we’re on the wagon. There’s nothing like a good old wagon ride to ease your pain when your favorite teams’ season ends. BTW, I hope Miller sticks with Cal, because I’m on the Cal wagon. Cal upsets DLS, I Believe!!!!!

  • lebeau70

    Appreciate it man. Your D-line wernt slouches probably the toughest D-line we faced all year.

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    Lebeau, the all-MVAL team is running Wednesday with a package of other all-league teams.

  • scott

    Couldn’t have said it better HSFan – WE BELIEVE!!

  • lebeau70

    Thanks alot, Steve