Cal High vs. De La Salle History lesson

Cal and DLS have played twice in history, first in 1978 a 20-6 Cal win, then again in 1979 and Cal came out on top again, this time, 3-0.

The Spartans have been shutout just twice then and the Grizzlies and Bellevue (Wash.) are the only teams in the world with winning records against DLS (maybe Clovis West also).

Ladoucer grew up on Broadmoor Drive in San Ramon, the same street that is home to Cal.

Also, Lad’s daughter went to Cal High.

Class dismissed.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Rex Henderson

    Do you think there is there a list that shows which teams have beaten De La Salle and when?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Since Ladoucer took over in 1979:

    California, 3-0
    Salesian 32-0
    Moreau Catholic 26-24

    Riodran 24-14
    St Patrick-Vallejo 24-21

    College Park 19-17
    Slesian 21-17

    Salesian 24-13
    San Ramon Valley (tie) 7-7
    Miramonte 13-7

    Skyline 22-21

    Monte Vista 14-13

    St Francis 18-16
    El Cerrito 14-13

    Pittsburg 35-27

    Bellevue 39-20
    Clovis West 30-12
    Palma (tie) 7-7
    Mission Viejo 17-14
    Clayton Valley (tie) 17-17

    Clovis West 7-0
    Mission Viejo 36-26

    Canyon 27-13

    If anyone has the pre-Lad history that would be great to see.

  • dmiller


    I thought the Spartans official had the 2004 season stricken from school records.


  • Kyle Bonagura

    I think Agent K from MIB was hired to memory erase the Bay Area, but there was nothing he could do once this water tower was erected, casting a shadow over the East Bay.

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  • Rex Henderson

    The only pre lad loss I know of is Cal’s 20-(16/14 can’t remember) win over De La Salle in 1978. The game is mentioned in “When The Game Stands Tall”

  • Mr. Ladoucer has a great idea on talent he knows about the real “GRIDIRON GANG”
    that “RICHMOND CONNECTION”.you youngsters don’t even have and clue. Let’s start with the fellows from around “EASTSHORE PARK” –CRESCENT PARK –KENNEDY MANOR–
    split up. The real champs EL CERRITO and KENNEDY HIGH SCHOOLS. OH! YEAH
    Mr. Ladoucer knows the real deal and the talent from the “MARTINEZ” days…

  • tyrese jackson

    DLS cheats cause dey recrut people

  • Kyle Bonagura

    DLS’s reputation is recruitment in itself. That’s all they need.

  • Rex Henderson

    Then maybe De La Salle needs to lose more often, so people see that sending their children to some school way out of the way isn’t really worth it. So parents realize that they don’t need t o send their little jimmy to some private school to make him a good football player, a good student, and a good person…

    just my take on it…

  • Kyle Bonagura

    You can’t fault a team for winning or parents for sending their kids to a school that sends nearly 100 percent of its graduates to college.

    I just don’t see coach Ladoucer telling his team, “Ok guys, we need to lose today. We need to help parents realize little Jimmy is just as well off going to (fill in the school with metal detectors) than he would be here at De La Salle.”

    Come on Rex….

  • tyrese jackson

    rex, i feel ya dawg. i knows watcha sayin. dls cheats

  • tyrese jackson

    rex, i feel ya dawg. dls does cheat. peace

  • bates

    i’m sooo cool and deb was my favorite studen

  • Jim

    D.L.S. is allowed to recruit, they are a private school. Unbeatable? no, just usually well disciplined on the field. I personally think Cal has a shot at winning. I have seen them play.

    No need to berate a private school. Parents are making the choice to spend the money to send their kids there. I choose to have mine go to a public HS.

  • scott

    DLS does not recruit. Played there and can vouch for it. It’s a personal choice where to attend school but there is no impropriety going on. Cal indeed is ready – they haven’t fought all season to give up now!!

  • lujan

    de la salle does cheat. they think they are so cool with there fantastical players. well let me tell you something. they aren’t so fantastical. they have montana’s son and he isn’t even good. i could probably make him cry if i wanted to. MV should of won that game because their unorms looked sooo much awesomer then de la salle.

  • Mark

    ok lujan. let’s base who should’ve won on their uniforms and not how well they played. yeah that’s the most logical thing I’ve ever heard. Hmm it’s not because DLS has maybe the most gifted coach who ever lived? Or surely not since they are one of the most disciplined programs in the country? Man was I wrong. All these years DLS won it was because of their uniforms.
    And unless your Jack Elway, I don’t think anybody can even touch Nate Montana. LOL

  • Oh! Mark you know about Jack Elway. was down at CSUN back in 1978 at a
    football camp what a waste of money but we did get to see John and his
    boys from Granada Hills..Let’s see now if you were to take the four or five “BROTHERS”
    foo the team then maybe De La Salle would be just another suburban team like
    leave it to beaver and the brady bunch. stop thinking some folks are stupid, it’s
    a sports academy. people in the hood are happy for the D.J. Williams and
    the Maurice Drew Jones. but if all the schools in west contra costa can’t get a
    break, then stop creating championships for the little jimmy’s. and stacking the deck.
    because all the brother’s who have attened De La Salle are not paying the full $10.000
    and we are proud that they let a few in to help there football program..
    So..KYLE B. if you don’t no what it’s called let me spell it out for you.

  • Rex Henderson

    Jim and Kyle:

    See that’s what I’m saying. Johnny R. said it right. It’s ok if some schools recruit. It’s a private school, by all means they’re allowed to. But when someone who runs a 4.4 40 starts going there and you know his family probably doesn’t have the money to send him to De La Salle you have to wonder, who’s paying for it?

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Just one question for all of you….why all the talk about the little Jimmy’s? I’m insulted by the name choice. Can we possibly go with the little Mikey’s, little Stevies? Something else! ha ha!

  • Kyle Bonagura


    It’s not just “The Brothers who play football” who get financial aid at De La Salle — and no one at the school goes there for free. I think in “When the Game Stands Tall” it said D.J. Williams’ mom went door to door selling baked goods to send him to DLS because the cost was still over a thousand dollars or something like that. It would have costed the same amount of money if he didn’t play football and if you think otherwise you should do a little research.

    Anyone who qualifies for financial aide can get it at DLS, preferential treatment is not given to football players or athletes in general. I’m also pretty sure that it said in When the Game Stands Tall that there are actually more students on aid at DLS who DON’T play sports.

    Football in West Contra Costa is some of the worst in the entire Bay Area and it’s not because the only good players go to DLS. Pinole had a hard enough time getting by the third place MVAL team (which is normally considered a weak league) and is going to get waxed tonight by suburban San Ramon aka the Brady Bunch or Leave it to Beaver. The only team that has got in trouble with recruiting in recent memory is Berkeley, a West County team (and Berk. already has one of the largest student bodies in the country to pull from).

    Get your facts straight before you crack on a class program like De La Salle. The recruiting allegations have circled DLS for years, yet there has never been a single piece of evidence that supports it.

    The bottom line is that good football players WANT to go to DLS and they will make sacrifices (financial, commutes, hard work etc…) to play for Coach Lad.

  • Roger Clemins

    Look no one ever cheats. That is my montra. The real funny thing is the parents in the Alamo/Danville are that actually think they are getting a better education that is available in their local schools.

    The St Iz brats that attend have already been short changed on school so they are not even ready for HS anyway.

  • Seymore Butts

    lol you know that you know that any private school can give partial scholarships(which usally gets paid for by fund raising done by alumni and parents) to there students right??

    DeLaSalle recruits as could ANY other private school. That said even if DeLaSalle didnt recruit kids would still travel far and wide to go there

  • Reality

    Quit sniffin paint CAL can’t hold DLS’s sack
    Point Blank no need for discussion keep it REAL

  • Nick

    De La Salle doesn’t offer sports scholarships however they do offer financial aid if you meet certain requirements. I attended in the late ’90’s and approximately 10% of the football team were on financial aid (this matches the school average of 10%). The players that were on it worked just like any other student on financial aid. This means they served food in the cafeteria or cleaned classrooms a few days a week. Of the 3 future NFL players that were there while I was, none were there on aid. I honestly believe DLS does not recruit, and there’s decades of newspaper articles from reporters that looked into it and found nothing to support that claim. Further evidence is that there’s almost never a large number of D1 players from DLS (Skyline of Oakland almost always has more D1 players).

    With that said, I do believe good players get a lot of suggestions from various sources to go to DLS. I mean if you’re good enough to play D1 eventually, are you going to go to a school that might be on local tv or are you going to be the one that gets air time on ESPN or Fox Sports Net? DLS also has the advantage of being able to draw players from further than most public schools normally do (although it should be pointed out California has open enrollment, meaning any student can attend any public school if you can justify a reason). While I was there, again the percentage of players from further than 15 miles away was the same on the football team as the rest of the school. The brightest star of my era, DJ Williams, lived close enough to the school that he’d have gone there regardless if it were public.

    This is just my perspective as someone who attended (and still has relatives there), but there will always be doubters.

  • Mike

    DLS is the best in the state. Stop hating, you crying babies. You are not even on our level. Know your role and shut your mouth!


    Im pretty sure the Contra Costa Times has put up a $10,000 reward for whoever can provide proof that De La Salle recruits. So all you guys here who are so sure why don’t you go spend your time finding that “proof” and make a little money? Here is your chance to prove the only reason you lost to them back in 95′ is because they recruit. Maybe you can buy yourself a NCS ring with that money. Oh thats right, ya’ll know there isn’t proof so you just try to start rumors on some stupid website. Good Talk and enjoy watching your public school kids play for second on the field and in their lives.

  • 4th and 1

    De la salle wasnt any good at football till after lad got their. pinole valley won ncs two years in a row in 78 and 79. De la salle doesnt have to recruit if you are a very good football player in the bay area and want to play on the best team any father who has a gifted son in football would most likely want him to play at De la salle if at all possible like the gentlmen said the program speaks for itself and loudly i might add. De la salle used to be really good a soccer in the 1970’s but at football no go

  • 4th and 1

    the funny thing about cal beating de la salle in 1978 is that the cal high team sucked they were pretty much the doormats of the league

  • D W

    Anyone remember if Salesian won the CAL in 1979 & 81 and who won in 1980? I know DLS made the postseason in 1983 despite the Salesian loss and were dethroned by Miramonte. But since I’ve seen no further NCS football details from the 1970s & 1980s, it would be great to know. I do know that DLS was at 2A level in 1979 and that Hayward High led by Jack Del Rio won it all in 2A. Encinal won in 1980 and Miramonte in 1981.

  • Davona Drive

    D W,

    Between 1979, and 1981 Salesian went 2-1 vs. De La Salle. Salesian were CAL champs in 1979, and 1981. DLS won that title in 1980, but were bounced out of the playoffs by St. Patrick (Vallejo), 24-21. The Spartans only other loss that season was at the hands of Riordan (San Francisco), 24-14.

    1979: Salesian- 32, DLS- 0.
    1980: DLS- 16, Salesian- 8.
    1981: Salesian- 21, DLS- 17.

  • bambam


    I know with one game left in the CAL league in 81, There was a 3 way tie between Salesian, DLS and Moreau.
    The league determined that the tie breaker would go to Salesian if all three teams won there last game. Moreau lost the last game to ODowd, so their chance was blown anyway. Moreau beat Salesian 7-6 and lost to DLS 6-7. How pathetic was those low scoring games!!

  • Prep Fan

    Bryan McKeen of Miramonte is still licking his wounds after Del Rio blitzed at the Coliseum and separated his shoulder with a monster hit in that ’81 2A championship game. With McKeen out, the Mats never recovered and their offense was completely shut down.

  • Davona Drive

    MV Mustangs EBAL History:

    1972: 1-4
    1973: 3-2
    1974: 0-4-1
    1975: 3-4
    1976: 3-4
    1977: 5-1-1
    1978: 5-2
    1979: 2-5

    1972-79: 22-26-2

    1980: 5-2
    1981: 7-0
    1982: 7-0
    1983: 7-0
    1984: 6-1
    1985: 6-1
    1986: 7-0
    1987: 7-0
    1988: 5-2
    1989: 6-1

    1980-89: 63-7
    1972-89: 85-33-2

    1990: 4-2
    1991: 6-0
    1992: 7-0
    1993: Not in EBAL.
    1994: Not in EBAL.
    1995: Not in EBAL.
    1996: 1-4
    1997: 3-2
    1998: 4-3
    1999: 1-6

    1990-99: 26-17
    1972-99: 111-50-2

    2000: 3-4
    2001: 5-1
    2002: 6-0
    2003: 5-1
    2004: 4-2
    2005: 6-0
    2006: 4-3
    2007: 4-2
    2008: 5-2
    2009: 4-3

    2000-09: 46-18
    1972-09: 157-68-2

    2010: 5-2
    1972-10: 162-70-2 (35-SEASONS)

    During the 1980’s decade the MV Mustangs went 91-21-1 overall, as compared to their 38-52-4 slate during the 1970’s, a 7-2-1 record during the 1977 campaign was the high water mark. That season was the first time in their history that they defeated Dublin, only took 7-attempts to do so. After losses to Dublin the following 2-seasons, they have since gone 8-0 in such games, outscoring the Gaels 279-53 in the process. I reckon that is payback from when Dublin whipped them back in 1975, 72-0.

  • Davona Drive

    The MV/SRV Football Rivalry:

    Monte Vista varsity football began back in 1968, and they beat their cross town rival (SRV), 6-0. They also beat them in 1969, and 1970 too. In fact they 28-0 in those forst 3-games. The series continued with SRV shutting out the Mustangs by a combined 48-0 in 1971 and 1972. 1968 through 1979, saw SRV manage a 6-5-1 record over MV.

    But during the 1980’s, MV took the series, 8-2. Not that those games were not close, how about MV winning 5-0 in 1981, and 14-9 the following season. Or SRV winning 14-10 in 1985.

    The 1990’s saw these teams split 5-5, and a slight 8-5 advantage for MV between 2000-09 (Including 3-playoff games, which was a rivalr first). This decade has begun with a 1-1 split, MV won the regular season matchup, but SRV prevailed in their playoff encounter.

    Hence, MV leads this all-time series 27-19-1. This is largely due to their 8-2 margin during the 1980’s. Without that they would only lead 19-17-1.

  • All of you haters quit crying and pick up a book and learn how to read and right.You majored in Ebonics.While
    99% of the young,dedicated young men that play football for DLS,not only do they get their High School Diplomas but they carry on and get College educations.Go Spartans,
    the Greatest football program of all time.Oh by the way
    they are usually undersized but you can’t measure the
    size of the Heart in the Dog!! Go Spartans!!!

  • Excuse me that would be write,LoL.

  • teehee

    You totally blew it there.