All-East Bay Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year

The season is winding down and I just want to hear what everyone’s thoughts are on who should be the All-East Bay Offensive Player of the Year and the Defensive Player of the Year.  Us prep writers get to officially vote on this since it is our award, but I want to hear your thoughts and nominations for the two awards.  Post the name and give me some reasons.


  • Pops

    FWIW, the best players I saw in the east bay, in no particular order were: Rashad Evans,QB/DB-Logan, Mike MacGillvray, QB-DLS, Kylan Butler, RB-DLS, Blair Wishom, DB/WR-DLS, Michael Czyz, WR-DLS, Brady Amack, LB-DLS, Xavier Vigney, OL/DL- DLS , Jordan Bouey, OL/DL-DLS, Diante Jackson, WR-Las Lomas, Kevin Reed, TE-Las Lomas, Drew McAllister, QB/DB-Monte Vista, Joe Southwick, QB-SRV, Chris Martin, LB/TE-Bishop O Dowd, Chris Little, LB-Castlemont, Nick Rosato, LB-California, Osayaba Ona enagbare, LB-California, Rob Andrews, FB/LB-Foothill, Nick Bailey, LB-Logan, Roosevelt Kirk, LB-Bishop O Dowd, Myles Gates, DB-Newark, Alan Carroll, OL-McClymonds, Blake LeBeu, OL-Logan. Offensive POY I would give to Evans over MacGillvray and Czyz. Defensive POY is a lot tougher call, I would probably go with Rosato, Amack, or McAllister.

  • dmiller

    Pops, don’t leave out Alex Spalliero on defense. The safety at Cal had nine picks in 10 regular season games and played the run like a monster. Very tough, ran the defense from the back

  • Don

    You have to have RB Tyler Mason of San Leandro on the team. He led the East Bay in Rushing and TD’s.

  • Rex Henderson

    Kai Cummings, LB for SRV was a pretty good player.

    On, and by the way, Osayaba Ona-enagbare og Cal playes Defensive End, not linebacker.

  • Pops

    Yes, Spalliero is tough, and I wouldn’t argue with Mason at all. Don’t recall Cummings, but I’m sure he’s good, and, yes Osayaba plays DE but he’s all over the place on the field anyway!

  • HighSchoolFan

    Delvon King, DL from Logan. The sack master.

  • Pops

    I believe the Bailey kid from Logan’s first name is Joseph, not Nick. And, the two receivers at American, Jeremy Troupe-Masi and Andrew Stone are pretty good. They were basically there whole offense.


    tyrone hunter from arroyo has to be on the team as well. a great back wit about 1350 rushing but can aslo catch the ball with almost 30 catches good for about almost 600 recvieving. also a shutdown corner on defense

  • Prep football

    FBFAN is right. you cannot cannot tyrone hunter who is without a doubt an elite running back with great speed and hands on the offensive side, and really has a nose for the ball on defense as a shut down corner. he had a numerous amount of games with 100 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving. Now that is something to consider

  • lebeau70

    Yea, his name is Joesph Bailey from Logan

  • tyrese jackson

    hey wat about me tyrese, da best playa ever!!!

  • BAfootball

    Steve Gonzales was raw at OLB.

  • Eric Culberson

    Andre Island, no man carried a team more than him. And dont let the record fool you evry team we played went deep into the NCS or CCs playoffs, except for Madera. And every game except for the Arroyo game was hard fought!

  • David B.

    Drew McAllister for offense. And nobody has mentioned Rosato at linebacker for Cal. I think he blows Cummings out of the water. Delvon King for D line definately, and Tyler Mason or Leroy Green at running back. Zach Ertz of monte vista was surely the best receiver this year (and as a tight end!) but the mid season wrist injury that ended his junior year may hurt his candidacy.

  • PrepAnalysist

    woah woah woah! we cannot forget about steven Gonzales of Arroyo High School. The LB had 8 games with over 10 tackles a game, 2 sacks a game, and 5 ints in the season. On the offensice side he carried the ball as if it was his last down and had remarkable catches into ncs playoffs

  • i think that the chinese linbacker from castro valley should not deserve 1st team. and kolton does bullshit he cant even hit kolton can..put him on scout team and put kolton on 1st team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Hey Coach, I love the support for Andre. I think I’ve said this elsewhere, but his performance in that first round game against Tech (250 yards, 3 TDs) was the best performance by any player that I saw all year. He’ll find a spot on our team.

  • EBAL fan

    nick rosato was the heart and soul of a very talented cal high defense, an elite if not the best defense in the area.
    joe southwick, the junior QB from SRV should also be considered


    maybe islands numbers would be legit if he didnt play in such a garbage league. oal football is down and it was proven during the non-league portion of the season when they got absolutley dominated by teams outside of the league.
    oh and coach in that arroyo game, hunter from arroyo torched you guys for one of his numerous 100 and 100 games(i believe he had nearly 240 rushing and recieving) , oh and 4 touchdowns.. now he should find a spot on your team durkin

  • One of the better wr in the area is Aumua from Alameda… he has size, speed, big play ability and great hands… also one of the best PURE ss in the area is the Malietulua kid at Logan… went to watch him play and he is a force against the run and defended a lot of passes. He came on really strong during the second half of the season and stronger during the playoffs… held Cal’s TEs in check

  • Some quick names… Aumua from Alameda, really good size and speed, big time big play ability, runs good routes, and catches everything… Malietulua from Logan, Polamalu-esque in his play… a beast angainst the run and defended the pass really good all year, kept TEs and #2 receivers in check, and help to pilot a pretty good Logan defense from the SS spot. One of the areas purest SS, just ask those rec’s that tried to block him from MV to Pitt to NM to Foothill and Cal… another one is Sao from NM… a good nose for the ball at LB, hard hitting, and a leader on a really good NM defense…

  • Rex Henderson

    I would pick McAllister over Southwick for QB anyday. No offense against southwick, but once the pressure is on, he doesn’t have the size, speed, or experience (like McAllister does) to get away and make plays. Southwick’s avoided sacking a few times, but not to the extent of McAllister.

    And David B: I think the reason that nobody mentioned Rosato is because it’s such a given already. =]

  • Sorry for the dbl post… went away from desk at work for a min and came back to a blank screen…???… neways one more b4 I leave work… Fakahua from MEden… a ball-hawking, hard hitter that commands respect by ocs, winning def-player of the year in your league helps too…

  • bayprepfootball

    now why are we forgetting about steve gonzales. the kid has letters from every ivy league school and has the attention from several D1 schools such as Stanford, Notre Dame, UC Dvais, Washington State, and Oregon State. He had the second best hands on the team behind tyrone hunter and was an agile back that would never go down

  • Rashad is the best Football Player in the whole bay this year by far.
    He is a lock down corner and unstopable while running the ball.

  • EBAL fan

    obviously not, cals defense shut him down. and dont bring up the excuse that he was hurt.

  • Patrick Flanogan

    Unstopable? I think not. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good player. Maybe he’d make it as a utility player of some sort, but not as a QB or RB, especially when he runs with the ball in his hand instead of tucked.

    I think a more accurate comment would be “Rashad is the most athletic Football Player in the whole bay this year by far.”

    But then again, even with that comment, people could argue that because of his size being less than average, he’s only “one of the most” athletic Football Player.

  • Eric Culberson

    Hey FBfan did I ever say anything about any other kid from any other school? I stated my opinion about they player that I coached. You try and discredit what Andre did because the O.A.L. had a down year, hmm… did not David Henderson from the A.A.A. rush for over 2,000 yards? Because he plays in the city means that he is not a good player? It is what it is, the kid from Arroyo had a heck of a game when we played, heck they had a really good season, but remember before you talk Andre had 175 rushing in that game as well, matter a fact it was the started a string of 4 games over 175 yds. So talk about the league all you want, my kids can walk around calling themselves 3 time champions while you find satisfaction in just making the NCS playoffs, Andre did what he did earned every yard dont try and make it seem like what he did has to have an * put by it cause he did it against everybody!

  • NCS Champs

    Arroyo’s Tyrone Hunter racked up yards against terrible defenses & 2nd string units in garbage time. He never won any games for Arroyo & I was at every game!

  • NCS Champs

    Steve Gonzalez is a D-I player? Then I should get a scholarship to Texas and I am 5 foot nothin & weigh 150 pounds.

  • lujan

    ncs champs, steve gonzalez is a great player he is better then you, artard!

  • bayprepfootball

    yea well ncs champ..it seems that you are clearly playing the wrong sport then..perhaps if there was a league for midgets like yourself, you might get a scholarship for texas..but you wont..just hit the weights and try another sport..hey your size is perfect for band though..you can get a scholarship for that i bet

  • Alviso#53

    That was messed up… *shakes head* bayprepfootball, that was a low blow.

  • Like I said Rashad Evans is the best player in the bay area, he just won NCS play of the year. What are you talkn about he’s a great size for a slot WR or CB (5’10 n 170) at the college level thats why he has so many offers. N he runs a 4.39 40 with a 39’5 vert.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Josh- Are you playing anywhere this year?

    Who was a better corner last year, you or Rashad? haha

  • McAllister

    Man you guys who say rashad is not the best player in the eastbay need to watch some film! what player do you know can run with the ball in his hand and kill with only 2 fumbles! Most definitely Blake Lebeau, OL Logan, Osayaba Ona-enagbare og Cal playes Defensive End, not linebacker, Brady Amack, LB-DLS,Jordan Bouey, OL/DL-DLS, Diante Jackson, WR-Las Lomas, Kevin Reed, TE-Las Lomas, Drew McAllister, QB/DB-Monte Vista, and Delvon King, DL-Logan, That guy got 16.5 sacks and 46 tackles in the season, definitely a top pick in my eyes. Does anyone no if he got any scholarship offers?

  • lebeau70

    Josh get off of Rashads jock. but yea he is the best player in the bay, watch that 90 yrd touchdown run against mission, even though it was mission it was still crazy.

  • Tony Kuns

    James watkins DT (Encinal High School) is diffently the best Defensive player in the east bay. HE had over 130 tackles, 10 sacks, and 10 force fumbles! Best Defensive stats in the east bay. HE also played a big role in turning a 2-8 team to a 9-3 playoff team. What more do he have to do? There is no other defensive player better then James Watkins.

    (More info call (510)748-4023)

  • J Gunna

    I had the honor to watch steven Gonzales at the college level and all I can say is he should have one all east bay defensive player, the guy is a flat out monster, all i can say is u cant teach athleticism, the guy is a flat out beast has a non stop motor, hes around 5″10 but the guy blows up 300+lbs tackles for a living all I can say is, opponent quarterbacks probably have nightmares after getting hit by him…I wouldnt be suprised if hes drafted sometime in the next 2 years.