NCS 2A East Bay Championship: Las Lomas vs. Campolindo

Well, thanks for hanging with me everyone. You shoulda been here but if I helped you follow it a little, I did my job. I’ll post final comments later tonight but for now I’ll slide out of the way and let Chace Bryson write his story. Ben Enos, signing off.

FINAL: Las Lomas 21, Campolindo 17. Las Lomas is the NCS 2A East Bay Champion. 

FOURTH QUARTER: Kickoff is a touchback. Campo gets the ball on its own 20 with 42 seconds left and four points to make up. Diante Jackson is now the hero of the night for sure. Stephens overthrew his man on a  deep ball and Jackson picked it off. Lomas can take a knee and this one should be over. 35 seconds left and Lomas has the ball on its own 35 yard line. Chants over overrated from the Campo faithful have dissipated. Diante Jackson was the man in the fourth quarter, plain and simple. It’s all over at Las Lomas.

FOURTH QUARTER: Las Lomas gets the ball on its own 20 yard line with 1:56 remaining. One timeout in the Knights’ pocket. Can Las Lomas go 80 yards? Yago to Jackson first down. Ball on the Lomas 39. Pass dropped by Paclebar. Second down. Pass nearly intercepted but falls harmlessly to the ground. Austin Rittenour could have put the game away right there. 3rd down and 10 from the 39. Yago scrambles and finds Jackson for a 1st down. Ball on Campo 45 with 1:18 left. Pass incomplete intended for Paclebar. Broken up by Rittenour. False start on Lomas. Yago to Diante Jackson. Down to the Campo 14. Yago stepped up in the pocket and gunned it. Complete confidence. Yago to Paclebar on an out pattern. Out of bounds on the 7 yard line. 47 seconds left. Jackson sat down in the middle of the Campo zone in the end zone and was wide open. TOUCHDOWN LAS LOMAS. 42 seconds left. Shapiro adds the PAT. 21-17 Knights. Pandemonium in Walnut Creek.

FOURTH QUARTER: Campo gets the ball on its own 28. Kazzaz sweep to the 31. Antono run ahead for a first down. Nine-yard pickup on the play. Antono run to the 44. 2nd and 6. Antono run to the Campo 49 yard line. 3rd and 1. Richter up the middle for a first down. Campo rolls on. 3:59 remaining. Antono up the middle stuffed and it’ll bring up another 3rd down. Lomas takes a timeout and this  is going to be the play for all the marbles. 3rd and 3 from the Lomas 39. 2:48 remaining in the ballgame. Kazzaz run off left tackle. Going to depend on the spot. Missed it by two links of the chain. 4th and 1. Campo takes a delay. Gotta question that call. Campo’s owned the line of scrimmage all game long and to not go for it is interesting. Guess that’s why I’m in the box and not on the sideline. Campo takes a timeout, presumably to set up a punt. Punt..

FOURTH QUARTER: Jackson with a good return and LL will get the ball in Campo territory yet again. 1st and 10 on the Campo 49. Ward rush for 2 yards. Ward rushes again down to the 40. Brings up 3rd and 1. Ward picks up the first down to the 37. 8:45 left and counting. Ward run to the 33. Ward again down to the 31. Brings up a 3rd and 4. Ward run to the 28 and it’s 4th and 1. HUGE PLAY. Ward toss sweep right is stuffed and Campo gets the ball. 6:23 remaining.

FOURTH QUARTER:  The stands are still shaking. Paclebar is simply electric tonight. Campo will get the ball back with 11:27 left. Touchback by Shapiro. Richter run for five yards to the 25. Kazzaz tripped by Welch at the line. 3rd and 5. Kevin Reed chases Stephens out of the pocket and he has to throw it away. 4th down and the Cougs will punt.  

FOURTH QUARTER: Well, what is Las Lomas made of I guess is the question everyone’s asking. 11:43 left in the quarter as they get the ball back.  Corey Paclebar has just IGNITED the home crowd. A 98-yard kickoff return for a touchdown and the Knights are right back in this thing. Shapiro with the PAT. SCORE: Campolindo 17, Las Lomas 14.

FOURTH QUARTER: Lomas is staring at a 3rd and 17 from its own 44. Yago’s pass is tipped and intercepted by Luke Crossley and run all the way back. Huge turning point right here. Runback was in the neighborhood of 65 yards and Campo is in the driver’s seat now. PAT by Tavecchio. SCORE: Campolindo 17, LL 7.


THIRD QUARTER: Punt downed at the Campo 49. The Knights get fantastic field position again.  Intentional grounding call on Yago backs the Knights up to their own 35 yard line. Illegal motion voids a big completion to Jackson. Las Lomas is imploding right now on offense and I haven’t seen the Knights play this badly all year long. End of the quarter and its 10-7 Campolindo.

THIRD QUARTER: Campo gets the ball at its own 11 yard line after Crossley recovered his own muff. 1:59 left. Lomas’ D will have to come up big again. Incomplete pass brings up 3rd and 9 from the Campo 12. Pass broken up by Andrew Mulherron and the Cougars will have to punt again.

THIRD QUARTER: Jackson runs out of bounds at the Campo 37. Excellent field position again for Las Lomas with 2:28 left in the quarter. False start to begin the drive. Another illegal motion backs the Knights up five more yards. Incomplete pass by Yago. Looking for Paclebar down the middle of the field. Jackson drops a potential first-down and the Knights will have to punt. Wouldn’t have mattered as Lomas had an illegal formation anyway. Punt upcoming.

THIRD QUARTER: Campo gets the ball with 4:32 left in the quarter on its own 1. Richter gets out to the 2 yard line with a run off left tackle. Richter again down to the 7. Inside handoff to Antono gets stuffed and the Knights defense answers the call. If Las Lomas wins this game, the defense should get all the credit. Punt to Jackson upcoming.

THIRD QUARTER: Knights get the ball with 10:06 remaining on the Campo 40. Jackson’s first catch is a first down to the 28. Draw to Paclebar brings up 2nd and long. Yago finds Darin Thompson for a moderate gain. Brings up 3rd and 3 from the 21. Ward into the line is stuffed and Shapiro is going to stay on the sideline. Knights go for it on 4th and 4. Yago finds Jackson in the slot for a first down. Gutsy call of the night right there. Drive continues at Campo 13. Ward off right tackle for a couple yards down to the 8. Ward ahead for a first down on the Campo 3. Ward stuffed on first and goal. Second and goal from the 3. Ward burrows ahead for a gain of two yards. Third and goal from the 1. Ward gets stacked up at the goal line and it’ll be fourth and goal from the 1. Longero calls timeout to figure out what to do. This will be an interesting play call since Ward has gotten stacked up out of the power-I formation for three straight plays. FEEL THE TENSION BABY! The Knights run right up the middle and Ward gets stopped by Mike Constable. Big time play by the Campo defense.

THIRD QUARTER:  Campolindo gets the ball first in the second half.  Shapiro clears the end zone on his touchback. Campo gets the ball on the 20 yard line. Three and out for the Cougs and they have to punt. Jackson returns the punt 12 yards to the Campo 40.

MORE HALFTIME: Chace Bryson looks like an eskimo huddled on the sideline crunching his numbers. But, his numbers are handy. Las Lomas has 153 total yards to Campolindo’s 112. Paclebar has four catches for 103 yards. Ward has 11 rushes for 65 yards. Campolindo has 112 total yards and Stephens line is 6-12-2 59. Almost ready for second-half kickoff. 

HALFTIME SCORE: Campolindo 10, Las Lomas 7. Time for some thoughts. That INT return by Jackson would have been in the neighborhood of 90 yards and would have been HUGE. As it was, the Knights ended up with no points instead of seven. This game is in a lot of respects similar to last week’s Lomas/Ygnacio Valley game. Campolindo could have put LL away with a late touchdown there and Lomas found a way to stay in it. Jackson has no catches so far on offense so that’s obviously an issue for Las Lomas. For Campo, Stephens has been shaky on his deep balls but has been solid on underneath routes. I’d expect Lomas to air it out in the second half after giving Danny Ward the ball plenty in the first half. 

SECOND QUARTER: Alright one untimed down for Shapiro to try a 45-yard FG. Kick is up, and Shapiro chunked it. Kick falls short and Campo takes a 10-7 lead into halftime. Halftime stats and thoughts to follow. 

SECOND QUARTER: Catch downfield by Mascheroni and the Cougs are rolling. 52 seconds left in quarter with ball on LL 26. False start backs the Cougs up. 1st and 15 from 31 with 46 sec. remaining. Screen to Richter got stuffed by Las Lomas. Campo timeout with 28 sec remaining and second down from the 33 yard line. Keep in mind Tavecchio has a heckuva leg but 50 yards would be a lot to ask. Stephens overthrows receiver. Third down with 22 sec. remaining. Unbelivable catch by Mascheroni downfield is going to be negated by a holding penalty. Ball back to the LL 44 with 15 sec. left. Diante Jackson picks a jump ball and rolls all the way back for a TD. Holding penalty brings it back though and Las Lomas just got crushed. Ouch. In the meantime, Jackson made an awesome catch. Lomas will get the ball here with one untimed down.

SECOND QUARTER: Campo ball at the Cougars’ own 24. Timeout Campo on 2nd and 1. Crowd update: The Lomas fans are relatively quiet at the moment and the Cougars’ faithful seem boisterous. Then again, they’re winning so why not. More game action to follow. 

SECOND QUARTER: Las Lomas takes possession at its own 18. Ward busts off a long run to take it to the Knights’ 35. Went right over left guard and found a huge hole and ultimately got stopped by an umpire who didn’t want to move. Ward is rolling now as he rips off another first down run. Ball on LL 46. Holding call sets the Knights back but Ward gets it back immediately. Lomas takes a timeout faced with a 3rd and 9 from its own 47. Yago gets run out of bounds and the Knights have to punt.

 SECOND QUARTER: I’m not convinced Campo has the momentum back. Lomas is shooting itself in the foot and it’s only a matter of time before the Knights’ offense gets going. 

SECOND QUARTER: Andreas Antono rumbles ahead for a first-down. Campo with a first and 10 from the 10. Bo Richter with a 1-yard touchdown plunge and Campo re-takes the lead. PAT by Tavecchio is good and the Cougars are back on top. SCORE: Campolindo 10, Las Lomas 7.

SECOND QUARTER:  Faced with a 3rd and 6 on their own 15, the Knights and coach Doug Longero take their first timeout to get things straight. During the timeout, Chace Bryson has asked me to say “Leggo my Yago.” Corny? Who knows. He’s freezing, he’s entitled. Paclebar caught a pass and hurdled a guy with a tremendous leap for a first down. Yago fumbles the snap on a third-down and Evan Peters falls on it for Campo. Cougars get the ball on the Lomas 25.

SECOND QUARTER: Campo has the ball to begin the quarter and Lomas’ defense stiffens after a few first downs. Punt upcoming with Diante Jackson back to return. Punt is downed on the Las Lomas 11 where the Knights will take over.

SECOND QUARTER: Quick momentum check as we start the quarter. Lomas has the momentum. Campo got a huge break with the messed-up punt and the defense held Campo to a field goal. That could turn out to be absolutely huge as we get ready for the second quarter. 

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Las Lomas 7, Campolindo 3.

MORE FIRST QUARTER: A quick rumination on that touchdown catch as we near the end of the quarter. Las Lomas had been pounding the ball up the middle pretty consistently until then and everything just came together when Yago and Paclebar decided to meet deep. Speed kills and Paclebar is the fastest guy on the field without a doubt. 

MORE FIRST QUARTER:  Tavecchio hits a touchback. Knights ball on own 20. Three and out. Knights punt the ball. Campo ball on the LL 39. Stephens tried to go up top for Mascheroni but overthrew him and found Lomas DB Pat Evans instead. LL ball on own 20. Yago goes up the seam to Paclebar and he runs away from EVERYONE. Touchdown Knights. Paclebar outran everyone and I mean everyone. Yago put up a nice ball and let his guy run under it. Shapiro adds the PAT and LL has taken the lead. 2:14 left in the quarter. Score: LL 7, Campo 3.

FIRST QUARTER: Pat Evans muffed the opening kickoff and the Knights start on their own 9-yard line. Danny Ward rushed for 10 yards on the first play, first down. Knights are moving the ball, now on their own 37. Haven’t thrown yet. First deep ball Yago tries goes out of bounds. Tried to hit Paclebar deep.  On the punt attempt, the snap sailed over Andrew Shapiro’s head and he had to fall on it. Campo will get the ball at the Knights’ 20. On Tommy Stephens’ first pass attempt he got nailed and the Knights’ defense came up with a big stop. Tavecchio hits a 30-yard FG to put Campo up 3-0. SCORE: Campolindo 3, Las Lomas 0.

COIN TOSS: LL coach Doug Longero is sporting the Bill Belicheck look, complete with gray hoodie and everything.  Captains for tonight: LL — Brad Stewart, Jason Welch, Andrew Mulherron, Corey Paclebar. Campo — Mike Constable, Mike Greco, Luke Crossley and Nick Mascheroni. Las Lomas wins the toss and will receive, going from North to South.

MORE PREGAME: Just got back from the field. Tough to say who looks happier to be here: Crack reporter Chace Bryson, Chronicle correspondent Damin Esper, or the 4-foot-8 lad (or lass, I’m not sure) who is the Knights’ mascot. He has a sword too. Awesome stuff. Las Lomas has retreated to its locker room and Campolindo is doing calistenics in the end zone. Just over eight minutes to game time.  

PREGAME: So, we’re up and running at Las Lomas tonight with the Knights and Cougars on the field going through their warm-ups. I’ve secured a primo spot in the Las Lomas press box, which means we’ll be coming to you live all night long. Controversy No. 1 of the night: Diante Jackson is one of the few Knights without a name on his back. He could double as a JV call-up. One with freakish talent. Sheesh. Now, here’s the drill. I’ll keep updating this post so hit refresh on your browser for the latest info. Earlier posts can be found underneath the new ones. For those wondering, it’s extremely cold here at Lomas, even after my Fudd Burger from Fuddruckers. So, anyone in the area with a blanket, a cup of coffee, or some IcyHot, please stop on by the press box. More to follow…


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    What is happening at the game? Your blog’s are slow!

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    Come on Ben, stop complaining about the cold, it’s plenty warm here in the office!!!!

    And a lot warmer than Dublin High figures to be tomorrow night.

    Have fun!

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    Great job, I am glad your there!

  • D-Money

    who gets the credit if Campo wins?

  • Jasmin

    Thank-you so much for covering the game. I was on the phone with my husband for much of it but it helped having everthing written out as it went down. My stepson is #6 and I missed this game because of having to go out of town…I don’t miss games and I’ve been sick to my stomach because of having miss this one but now I can see them play one more time! Thanks again for covering the game…God Bless You!

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    Thanks for the great Blog! Good Job!

  • Future Campo Dad


    Fantastic job on conveying the excitement of an epic battle! The family hung on every entry – the kids are still a little young for a full away game. Thanks for making it come to life!

    Campo football: you guys were incredible this season. Hold yours heads high!