Prep writer’s football picks!

I know everyone has been waiting for this so here they are. This week we are a little low on people picking games, but we have picks from everyone’s favorite, Dennis Miller (Tri-Valley Herald). He has correctly picked 12 in a row! I don’t think anyone will dare call him dumb again after seeing his picks!

 Anyway, we also have picks from Jimmy Durkin (CCT/Oakland Tribune), Michael Bower (Daily Review), Dave Schoen (Oakland Tribune), Kyle Bonagura (The Argus) and Steve Herendeen (Oakland Tribune).

                                               NCS 3-A Regional Recognition 

                    No. 1 San Ramon Valley vs. No. 3 Pinole Valley            

Bower                                           SRV   

Durkin                                         SRV

Miller                                           SRV

Schoen                                        SRV

Bonagura                                  SRV

Herendeen                               Pinole

                               NCS 2-A Regional Recognition 

                          No. 1 Las Lomas vs. No. 7 Campolindo            

Bower                                        Las Lomas   

Durkin                                      Las Lomas

Miller                                        Campolindo

Schoen                                     Las Lomas

Bonagura                                Las Lomas

Herendeen                             Las Lomas

                             NCS Class-A Championship Game 

            No. 1 St.Patrick/St.Vincent vs. No. 2 Ferndale            

Bower                                       SPSV  

Durkin                                     SPSV

Schoen                                    SPSV

Bonagura                               SPSV

Herendeen                            SPSV

                            NCS Class-B Championship Game 

                No. 1 St. Vincent vs. No. 2 St. Elizabeth            

Bower                                         St. Vincent   

Durkin                                       St. Elizabeth

Schoen                                      St. Elizabeth

Bonagura                                St. Elizabeth

Herendeen                             St. Elizabeth





  • HighSchoolFan

    Go Campo and SRV!!!!!!

  • HighSchoolFan

    4th and two links and you don’t go for it. Tough loss for Campo. Ben Enos did a great job with the live updates.

  • red wood

    not one writer picked Ferndale over St. Pat’s?

  • Jimmy Durkin

    Don’t take these picks too seriously. For some, it’s just a dart throw, for other (cough, cough, Steve Herendeen), they’ll always pick the team in their coverage area (that explains his Piedmont over Lomas and Pinole over San Ramon picks).
    As for the Ferndale, no one on our staff had seen them and though their stats were impressive, you had to look at the head-to-head, where SPSV had the advantage. Plus, I had seen SPSV against Piedmont and was very impressed. I knew Ferndale’s D was supposed to be good, but for them to shut out SPSV is not something I foresaw. Congrats to them.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Jimmy I have to disagree, I spent 10 hours researching each game before making what I felt was an informed decision…….

  • Jimmy Durkin

    So what happened with your St. Pat’s pick then?!? Should’ve spent 11 hours I guess…

  • Kyle Bonagura

    That’s what we call an upset.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    10 hours of research should allow you to predict that upset!! ha ha…j/k.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    After nine hours I was leaning towards Ferndale, maybe I should do less during bball season.