Live blogging from Saturday’s NCS football games

Things change quickly in this business, so for those of you expecting to find a live blog from Chace Bryson here on the East Bay Prep Sports blog, think again! The Geek everyone loves the mostest has been sent to James Logan to write a game story for the Sunday paper so, for those in need of a blog fix, hop on over to the Prep Corner at InsideBayArea.com where Mike Bower will be blogging live from the Logan/California game. He’ll also be getting updates from Las Lomas/Ygnacio Valley and Washington/Pinole Valley. Check it out.

Link: Prep Corner at InsideBayArea.com


East Bay QBs

I just watched Kyle Wright cap his lackluster career at Miami with a 28-14 loss to Boston College. We’ve been pretty fortunate this decade to watch some great high school QBs in the East Bay (Wright, Keller, Olson, Gutierrez and so on). I find it very interesting, though, that the two best from the area turned out to be Dennis Dixon of San Leandro and Josh Johnson of Oakland Tech. 



California at James Logan: 1st qtr, 0-0

– End of the quarter it is 0-0 but the Colts have a first down on the Grizzlies’ 15. Remember to go to the new second qtr post. 

– Godfrey breaks a big one. First and 10 from the Grizzlies 15 

– Logan starting to move the ball on the ground, picks up a first down. First and 10 from the Grizzlies’ 48. 

– Spalliero sacked in the backfield by Raheem Gipson. Cal Punts and Troy Nixon has a nice return (30-yards) and Logan will have first-and-10 from its own 36. 

– 5-yard completion for Grizzlies. Third and 3  

– This looks like it is going to be a defensive battle. Right now it is second and 10 from the 46 of Logan. Grizzlies ball. 

– Logan forced to punt again and Grizzlies start at own 40. 

– Run by Evans picks up one and then another run  by the Colts picks up a couple. Third and 6 from the 24 

– The kick goes wide left and the Colts escape an early threat from the Grizzlies. First down colts at their own 20 

– James Logan stuffs Nick Rosato for no gain. Here comes a 32 yard FG attempt 

– Spalliero gains about 4 on a run. Third down and 5 from the 15 

– Short gain on a run for Cal. Second down from the 19 

– Spalliero completes to Nick Zwarg for a first down at the Colts’ 20 

– Cal’s Dylan Rogelstad rushes for 7 yards on the first offensive play for the Grizzlies. It is second and three from the Colts’ 36 

– Cal defense all over Logan and forcing a punt. It ws three straight runs for Logan and they lost 2 yards. The punt rolls to the Colts’ 43 yard line. Good field position for Cal. 

– Justin Brooks hit immediately and Logan will start at its own 14. 

– Getting ready to start here. Cal will kickoff to James Logan.

– I am reporting from the James Logan sideline. We still have about 12 minutes until kickoff. The Cal fans outnumber the James Logan fans right now. The Grizzly fans have their section filled. The Colts fans are certainly on their way, though. There is a long line for tickets. I will be back for the coin toss. 

– Just wanted to give a little information on the James Logan football team before we get started here.  1997 was the last time James Logan went to the finals of the North  Coast Section 4-A East Bay championships, losing to De La Salle 35-15. The Colts went 8-4 overall that season and 5-1 in the MVAL _ good enough for a second-place finish. The  Colts beat Pinole Valley in the NCS 4-A semifinals 17-14 that year. The NCS 4-A class was created in 1996.

– This is the post to find first-quarter updates for the North Coast Section 4-A East Bay semifinal game between No. 3 California and No. 2 James Logan. I will be at this game so updates should come in pretty quick. The winner of this game will play top-seed De La Salle in the title game on Dec. 8 at 7 p.m. at Oakland’s McAfee Coliseum.

Be sure to keep hitting that refresh button tonight! And remember, after the first quarter I will have separate posts for the second, third and fourth quarters. I will remind you again after the first quarter ends!


Ygnacio Valley at Las Lomas updates!

7:56 p.m. – 14-7 YV at the half. Patrone Wood has 14 carries for 129 yards for YV. Las Lomas scored on a 20-yard reception by Packebar. 

-7:30 p.m. – 14-0 YV at the end of the first quarter. Patrone Wood just scored on a 74-yard TD run and Las Lomas is in an early hole. 

Here is the place to find updates for the North Coast Section 2-A East Bay semifinal game between No. 5 Ygnacio Valley and No. 1 Las Lomas. A reporter in the field will call me with an update as soon as possible and I will post it on here. The winner of this game will play No. 7 Campolindo in the Regional Recognition game at a time and site to be announced.

Be sure to keep hitting refresh! The updates will appear at the top of this page.


Washington at Pinole Valley updates!

8:43 p.m. – PV scores again. No details. It is 28-14 PV with 2:36 left in the third quarter. 

8:32 p.m. – PV takes its first lead of the game on a Smallwood 3-yard Run. It came after Washington fumbled the ball away. It is 21-14 PV in the third quarter. 

8:24 p.m. – Deante Purvis goes in for a 4-yard TD for Pinole to start the third quarter and it is 14-14. 

8 p.m. – It is still 14-7 Washington at the half.  

7:31 p.m. – Washington has a 14-7 lead through the first quarter. Silva scored on a 9-yard run for the Huskies. This one could end up being a high-scoring game. 

7:16 p.m. – TOUCHDOWN SPARTANS. Pinole answers when Smallwood rushes into the end zone from 9-yards out late in the first quarter. 7-7. 

7:08 p.m. – TOUCHDOWN HUSKIES! An 80-yard drive to open the game was capped by an 8-yard TD reception from Mozzeti to Vaughn. 7-0 with 8:57 to go in the first quarter. 

-This is where you will be able to find live updates to the North Coast Section 3-A semifinal game between No. 7 Washington and No. 3 Pinole Valley. Reporter Kyle Bonagura will be calling in with updates as soon as he gets the chance. The winner of this game will play top seed San Ramon Valley in the Regional Recognition game at Dublin High at 7 p.m. on either Friday or Saturday.

Be sure to keep refreshing this page! Updates will appear at the top.


Live updates tonight!

I must say that Friday night was very crazy for me since there was scoring just about every minute, Internet trouble and cell phone trouble. Aww, technology. Don’t you love it?!?!  I still thought everything turned out well and hopefully tonight it goes even better.

I did notice some people were having a little trouble following along. Let me explain real quick how this is going to work tonight. I will be live from James Logan High in Union City for the North Coast Section 4-A East Bay semifinal game between California and James Logan. There will be separate posts of up-to-the-minute updates for each quarter from that game. 

For example, the title of the opening post for that game will read: California at James Logan: 1st qtr

Then below will be all the details from the first quarter. Make sure to keep hitting refresh as the updates will be at the top of that specific post. Once that quarter ends, there will be a separate post for the second quarter (California at James Logan: 2nd qtr), third quarter and final quarter. If you’re still confused, check out how it worked on Friday night.

Anyway, I will be getting updates via cell phone from the NCS 3-A East Bay semifinal between Washington and Pinole Valley and the NCS 2-A East Bay semifinal between Ygnacio Valley and Las Lomas. There will be a separate post for each of those games that will be updated as I get the updates. We try to get it updated after each score for the phone in games, but sometimes we can only get an update after each quarter. We will do our best to get those updated as quick as possible!

So, look for these posts tonight: California at James Logan: 1st Qtr

                                                        California at James Logan: 2nd Qtr

                                                        California at James Logan: 3rd Qtr

                                                        California at James Logan: 4th Qtr

                                                        Washington at Pinole Valley updates!

                                                         Ygnacio Valley at Las Lomas updates!

Again, keep the comments coming all through the games. I don’t want to feel like I am on typing to nobody!



Hey, just got done sending in my story for the game tonight and thought I would throw out some quick thoughts on this game.

Pretty much went as expected. At the end of the day, when you get a team in a 2-A league taking on a team from a 4-A league, this is what’s going to happen. Of course, throughout the years, there’s been exceptions, but not too often.

The offense of College Park is a good one within their league, but when you run into a team with as many athletes as San Ramon, the same holes which are there in league, are suddenly gone.

Great job by the SRV backers – Cummings, Bruno, Callaway and Goodman – in shutting down the Falcons offense. Once it was 21-0, it was long over, as there was no way College Park could play catchup with it offense.

It was the same issues which has plagued Ygnacio Valley over the years. Fall behind and it’s over.

Southwick was efficient, but it was that middle screen which just destroyed College Park. Great job by the line, as well as the receivers turning the ball up the field. Who knows what happens next week – we’ll have to wait and see the outcome of Pinole and Washington – but SRV looks very good.

Say what you want about the the Wolves draw – American was weak – but there were plenty of people out there trying to sell College Park as a bracket-buster. Now what?

 Thanks for checking in and we’ll post more during the week.


Wild night

Whew, I just made it back home after a crazy night of blogging. The scores were coming in so quick thanks to the 50-point games by De La Salle and San Ramon Valley. I was out at the San Ramon-College Park game and I came away impressed with the Wolves. But who wouldn’t after they put up 50 points and got the starters out by the start of the third quarter!

Pretty much everything worked for San Ramon on offense and its defense was stellar again. I would love to see a SRV-Washington rematch in the NCS 3-A East Bay Regional game.

Anyway, the live blog will continue on Saturday night at James Logan High in Union City. California and James Logan will battle it out for the right to face De La Salle in the NCS 4-A title game. I will also get phoned in updates from Washington at Pinole Valley and Ygnacio Valley at Las Lomas. Hope to see you all back here on Saturday night!



SRV … easy run to finals?

Wow, now that’s got to be one of the easiest roads to a section championship game EVER! Cruise by American (MVAL fourth-place team) and drill College Park (DFAL second-place team). Will say, the Wolves are living up to that No. 1 seed by drilling a couple of easy opponents.

 Your thoughts?



Here are the finals from tonight: De La Salle over Monte Vista 50-15; San Ramon Valley over College Park 59-7 and Campolindo over Encinal 28-8. I am heading home and I better see some thoughts by the time I get there. I will add my own when I get to the house.