Las Lomas 21, Campolindo 17: Final thoughts

After talking to Chace Bryson, I now know that the 4th and 1 call from Campolindo coach Kevin Macy was in fact not to punt the ball but rather that the officials didn’t hear him calling for timeout. So, I retract my previous statement questioning the call. I think that was a huge moment since Campolindo had been winning the battle in the trenches all night long.

Talked to Las Lomas coach Doug Longero after the game and I thought his assessment of tonight’s game was accurate. Bad for three and a half quarters, good for half a quarter. Where I think Campolindo went wrong tonight is the Cougars never put the Knights away. When you’re facing a team with such an explosive offense as Las Lomas’, you have to capitalize on scoring chances and Campo let one too many get away.

That said, Las Lomas is the NCS 2A East Bay champion. Nobody can take that away from the Knights. They battled all night long and got it done when it counted. Now they get to sit back and wait to see who they’ll be playing next week. A win by Del Norte tomorrow would mean a super-long car ride up to Humboldt State. Then again, a win by Novato and Santa Rosa High School will be packed with Novato fans. It looked like Del Norte’s entire team was in attendance tonight at Las Lomas, which was kind of fun to see. Anyway, I’m spent for the night. Time to sleep. The beauty of all this is we’ll be right back here tomorrow and Senor Bryson will be at the helm here on the East Bay Prep Sports Blog as I freeze on the Dublin HS sideline. 7 p.m. kickoff between San Ramon Valley and Pinole Valley for the 3A East Bay title. See you tomorrow night.


  • Campo Fan

    Campo should’ve had the W. It would’ve been insane for a number 7 seed to win. But I’ll be pissed about that BS call for a while, that’s just bad reffing. You can’t just “not see” a coach calling timeout.

  • LL Knight

    the noise of our fans was too much……but it was only this play that the refs didn’t called for campo….stupid penaltys all the time for LL….yeah they were horrible refs but don’t blame the refs… we deserve the win for how much e battled to get where we are right now….it was a great game and LL derserve to win not becauseof this last game but because of what we did this season


    Las Lomas won fair & square. Corey Paclebar and Diante Jackson were awesome and the Knights played hard to beat Campo. GO KNIGHTS!

  • LLBB

    What about;

    1. The strip for a TD by LL that was called an incomplete pass. I was right on top of that play and it was NOT an incomplete.

    2. Interception and TD return by #1. I was on top of that play too and the “block to the back” was a push because the defender slowed down after the score AND it was NOT even near the play?

    Campo was lucky they were not two TDs down. Those were BAD ref calls, the phantom “time out” was a bad coach call. Thats all.

  • spartan man

    thanks you guys do a great job. a couple comments. first , wonder how you got austin rittenour – it’s tyler, and if he’d covered paclebar all night he wouldn’t have scored. he ate him up when he was on him. LL was very lucky to have won and should give due credit to the Campo defense