Division II championship: Oceanside vs. Novato

We are minutes away from the first CIF bowl championship game featuting two public schools. Novato (The Hornets) has won the toss and will recieve. Oceanside (The Pirates, YARRR!) will defend the south end zone. Novato is wearing  itsvisiting white jerseys, and Oceanside is wearing its home jerseys – a dark green with white numbers, and white pants with a double green stripe down the leg.

Logan Edwards picked up a first down on Novato’s first play from scrimmage, and then the Hornets promptly lost eight yards on their next two plays.  A middle screen on third down only picks up four and Novato punts. I’ll stick around and bring you the first Oceanside series as well.

The Pirates’ David Gutierrez picked up nine yards on a sweep. Gutierrez then caught a swing pass and picked up a first down with another decent gain. It looks like it may take awhile for Novato to acclimate itself to the speed of Oceanside. Armani Taylor carried for four yards on first down and moved it past midfield, and after an incomplete pass, the Pirates went back to the air and Frank Zimmerman hauled in a 19-yard pass to the Novato 27. Taylor got stacked up on first down, and a screen pass to Gutierrez picked up four yards. A fumbled snap on third down brought up a 4th-and-4 from the 22. Quarterback Jordan Wynn locked in on Zimmerman on a perfectly run post pattern and the result was a 22-yard touchdown pass. Six minutes into this contest and its Oceanside 7, Novato 0. An impressive drive. But don’t forget, Novato was down 14-0 to Las Lomas last week before reeling off 34 unanswered points.

We’ll be back with some more thoughts and insights at the end of the quarter.